Boy, 16, Defiles 3 Year Old in Afikpo

A 3-year-old pupil of Archbishop Peter Akintola International School Afikpo (name with held) has been allegedly defiled by a 16 year old boy, Victor Ogbonnaya Unya, at Amachara Elu Community in Afikpo North.

The little girl currently is said to be under medical care as she is having continuous discharge from her private part.

It was learnt that the girl and the senior sister were with their aunt at Amachara Elu, Afikpo North where the suspect, one Victor Ogbonnaya Unya, took advantage of her and had carnal knowledge of her for several times before he was discovered. 

Speaking to Citizens’ Advocate in Abakaliki, the father of the rape victim, alleged that the incident was discovered on 14th April, Palm Sunday and that the suspect accepted that he only had carnal knowledge of the minor only 2 times and pleaded for forgiveness.

Mr. Akpu Joseph Oko, the victim’s father explained it came to him as a surprise because of the age gap between the girl who is just 3 years and the boy who defiled her.

Akpu a tipper driver from Ezi Nwachi Ndiebe explained that the girl and her sister were sent to their aunt’s house at Amachara because their mother was traveling to Onitsha to buy goods for her business, they are nursing the pains of the evil inflicted on their daughter, but instead of the parents of the suspect to be remorseful and beg for forgiveness, the parents allegedly came and threatened the victim’s father’s life over the matter.

Mr. Akpu accused the suspect’s (Victor) uncle who is said to be a retired SSS Officer, Mr. Ogbonnaya Stanley Unya Effor of threatening to plant ammunitions and other dangerous substances in his house and call SSS team from Abuja to come and arrest him, that if he stays for 3 years in the cell, the matter will die off and his nephew will be set free.

According to him, the threat came because he refused to settle the rape case out of police and for not allowing police to release the suspect on bail since he was a minor, an action he said was not in his hands as police were simply doing their job.

Mr. Akpu however appealed to the security and the state government to compel the said Rtd SSS officer to stop threatening his life and using his position to intimidate him and his family.

On her part, the mother of the defiled girl who was in tears while speaking explained that it was her 8 years daughter who saw the evil act on her sister and reported to her.

She said that when she examined the girl, white like discharge was coming out of her private part and she used hot water to press her private part before the suspects parents came and they took the girl to Afikpo Medical center but when the discharge continued, they brought her to Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki on 6th May where both the victim and the suspect were tested.

Mrs. Akpu decried the humiliation she and her husband have received from the suspect’s family and appealed to police and human rights organization to save her daughter and her family from the family of Unya Effor.

She alleged that the retired SSS officer who was using his position to intimate him called her goat on phone because she did not allow the police to release the suspect and he has stayed 3 weeks in detention.

The medical report conducted on Monday 6th May, 2019, however was not yet out as at Tuesday when Citizens’ Advocate spoke with the family.

When asked how many times the suspect, Victor had carnal knowledge of her, the little nursery 3 pupils used her hands to say 5 times.

She said Victor dragged her into the room and while she was crying he shouted on her and warned her never to tell her mother or aunt when they come back.

Citizens’ Advocate however visited Amachara Elu to see the family of the suspect and the accused retired SSS officer.

Father of the suspect, Onikara Ogbonnaya Unya said that the news came to him on 14th April, 2019 and he had tried all he could to appease the victim’s family but all to no avail because Mr. Akpu was his arch-enemy.

He said that Mr. Akpu also raped her own daughter in 1998 when she was just 6 years.

Onikara Ogbonnaya Unya said although he did not bother about the past when the information got to him as the previous rape case was settled in the police, he and the wife went to Ndibe to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Akpu for 3 times for them to make peace.

He said his own wife followed them to the hospital during the medical examination and paid the bill.

He however lamented the long detention of his son in the hands of the police.

On the alleged threat, the retired SSS officer, Stanley Unya Effor, denied the allegation that it was concocted lies from Mr. Akpu.

He said that he only sent a text message to him reminding him of the previous rape case against him that since he did not want them to settle the matter out of police, he should be ready to face the law now as he will revisit the rape case and invite victims to come and testify against him in the law court.

He said, “Since you do not want this boy to come out so that we resolve it the way we resolved your own, we are going to revisit that case because the matter was reported to the police.”

Although the Police Public Relations Officer, Odah Loveth, could not confirm the report, the case was said to have been transferred from Afikpo Area command to the police Headquarters for further investigation.

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