Woman Loses Pregnancy to Neighbours’ Attack

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A five-month pregnant woman, Mrs. Mary Nwogbala, and resident of PRESCO Junction, is now battling for life at Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHA 1) after receiving the beating of her life from a woman neighbour and her four children during which she lost her pregnancy, just because she resisted them from defecating behind her kitchen.

Her assailants, Mrs. Stella Innocent alongside her 4 children were alleged to have beaten her to a pulp, when she could no longer resist them defecating behind her kitchen and she raised a voice against them.

Narrating her ordeal at her hospital bed, Mrs. Nwogbala told Citizens’ Advocate that the problem erupted on the fateful evening when she resisted the woman’s son, Dennis Innocent from defecating behind her kitchen, an action which attracted the disapproval of the boy’s elder sister, Miss Sarah Innocent and as a result, she decided to challenge the victim.

She said that the boy’s compliance towards her instruction was assumed to have annoyed Miss. Sarah who then decided to pass stool by herself with the intention of facing whatever action that she (Mrs. Nwogbala) might take.

The victim further disclosed that as soon as the lady started defecating at that contentious spot, she then confronted her verbally, telling her not to try such act but in the process, Miss. Sarah gave her series of slaps until she was beaten to the ground.

In her own words: “Immediately I stopped Mr. Dennis from passing excreta at the back of my kitchen, his elder sister Miss. Sarah came up to defecate at the same spot to know what I will do.”

“When I discovered the meanness in her, I then began to call her by name telling her not to carry out such act on me but to my greatest surprise, before I could finish what I was saying, she started slapping me until I fell on the ground.”

Mrs. Nwogbala, alleged that the noise associated with the incident even worsened her ordeal as the girl’s mother, Mrs. Stella Innocent and two other of her children, Nkechinyere and Chinelo, who got knowledge of the problem, then raced to the scene, joined hand with the already two persons and stripped her naked before she (victim) was eventually given the beating she will never forget in her life.

She also said that while the rest were punching her, their mother, Mrs. Stella then keenly targeted and hit at her pregnancy, an act according to her which instantly caused her bleeding.

She added that her husband whom she said was inside their apartment with her children, upon hearing the fracas then quickly came and rescued her from the attackers not knowing that they (accused persons) had not relented in dealing with her until the following morning when she was arrested by the police and taken to Kpirikpiri Police Division where she was granted bail 4 days after with N10, 000. 

She said that upon her arrival at their building belonging to Mr. Sunday Nwafor after she had regained her freedom, the bleeding became intensified in such a way that she even collapsed and was taken to Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki (FETHA) 1 where she was revived and medically discovered that the unborn baby was already dead and immediately the lifeless foetus was shown to the victim’s husband who then collected it in tears.

Mr. Benjamin Nwogbala, victim’s husband corroborated the information given by his wife and added that at the scene, he saw Mrs. Stella kicking at the victim’s stomach a dastard act suspected to be the cause of the unborn baby’s death.

He claimed that, while at Kpirikpiri Division, sequel to his wife’s condition, he pleaded vehemently to the investigative police officer simply identified as Kelechi for the victim’s release to enable them look for medical help on time but all to no avail until after four days when the N10, 000 was paid.

Mr. Benjamin further disclosed that Mrs. Stella Innocent allegedly swore to deal with him and had invited 4 men suspected to be cultists to attack him, but lucky enough, he sighted them from a distance, took cover and ran for his life.

He thereby appealed that the attackers should be handled in accordance with the law to avoid future attack or reoccurrence.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that all the persons mentioned in connection to the matter had been apprehended and brought to Ebonyi State police headquarters for interrogation.

Also learnt was the arrest of one Mr. Goodluck Nwebonyi accused of giving the accused people moral encouragement to continue with the matter.

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