Woman Loses 4 Kids To Mystery Woman

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A mother of five children, Mary Emmanuel from Etumi village, Ikom, Cross River State, has lost her four children to mystery woman in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital.

The incidence which took place at Ochudo Motor Park along Afikpo Road in Abakaliki was so saddening and terrifying.

Report says the woman was allegedly hypnotized by the mystery woman after which she fled with Mary’s four children.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that Mary Emmanuel and her husband Emmanuel Akpanke were travelling to their home in Ikom but ran short of money.

The husband instructed Mary and the children to stay at the park and wait for him so that he can withdraw money from Zenith Bank Ogoja Road for them to continue with their journey.

Immediately he left the family, the mystery woman came to the wife and lured her to Tycoon Hotel under the disguised to be helping her.

Mary lost her consciousness and sheepishly followed her to the hotel room where she disappeared with her four children.

When she regained her consciousness she said that the last child she left on the bed was seriously sick, otherwise she would have taken her five children.

When contacted, the Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), DSP Odah Loveth confirmed the incident and said police are digging ground to rescue and bring back the children.

She warned hotel managers to be weary of people that lodge in their hotel and keep accurate records as well as CCTV records to help security to track criminals.

She further appeals to members of the public who have useful information on the missing children to come up to the police and assist.

She said, “One Mary Emmanuel Etumi a native of Ikom, Cross River, came to CPS and reported that at 11 am on 8th May, she was with her five children a set of twin and a set of triplets. The triplets are at the age of 6 and twin at the age 1 year and 3 months respectfully.”

“While waiting at Ochudo Park for her husband, Emmanuel Akpanke who went to Zenith bank, Ogoja Road to withdraw some money. All of a sudden, a woman whose name and address is yet unknown met her and ask her to accompany her to Hotel De Tycoon where she lives to enable her children take their bath. The woman came in pretence that she want to help her.”

“The complainant said she left with the unknown woman to the hotel room where she claimed to live. She introduced a man whom they met in the room to her as her husband . The complainant and the strange woman took the children to the bathroom and bath them, there after the complainant left her children with the strange woman and entered the bathroom to take her own bath. She came out from the bathroom and met only her last child lying on the bed, the strange woman and the man she introduced as her husband have disappeared with her four children”.

“The names of the stolen children are: Mercy Emmanuel, 6, Marvelous Emmanuel, 6, Promise Emmanuel, 15 months and Peace Emmanuel, 15 months.”

She added, “Meanwhile, this is a new trend when a man and a woman will come up to show help because there was a case of child stealing, children who went to fetch water and their barrow spoiled. A woman from nowhere and the husband came to the children, she claimed to render help and asked one of them to go and pump the wheelbarrow’s tyre with her husband while she stay with the younger brother, When they got there, the man gave the boy N200 to go and buy biscuit after pumping the tire immediately the boy accepted the money and left, the man and the woman disappeared with the younger brother who was 6 years old.”

“I want to appeal to the public to stop accepting strange help from strangers. Parents should learn from others. Don’t trust someone you don’t know, that is their style.”

“But efforts are on top gear to arrest them. We are even calling on neighbouring communities to help Ebonyi State police command with useful information at their disposal.

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