Pedophiles: Stop Them Now!

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Having listened to a friend narrate her story of sexual abuse and rape, I have come to understand a little of the trauma rape victims pass through. With this knowledge in mind, I feel so bad when I hear of children being molested and defiled at a very tender age, being scarred for life. This has been the story for years now and we have turned blind eyes to it. Child molestation has become a norm as we hear news stories on daily basis on how a 60 year old man sexually abused a 2 year old baby.

From childhood, the girl-child faces a lot of challenges. Most times, they get rejected by fathers who prefer male children. Other times, they are sent to hawk to complement the earnings of the family. They are prepared on how to organize their future family, on how to be obedient and submissive to the opposite sex, to obey their fathers and subsequently husbands. In spite of all these, women are the ones who are mostly abused sexually and otherwise.

 Pedophilia, they call it a disease, disorder but I think it’s craziness. Having an attraction for a child!  Study shows that a person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least sixteen years old and at least five years older than the prepubescent child. What would a full grown man be looking for in the body of a baby who is barely a child?

This is alien to us; we have heard about it, we thought it only happened in far away countries. Now, it is close to us, who knows if your next door neighbor is harassing your little child! We live in fear of the unknown, we can no longer leave our children in care of others especially males for a few hours without being afraid. We hear stories of children of three years, five years and even few months old babies being sexually abused. These psychopaths are damaging the future of our children, they are making them to be psychologically unstable to handle themselves. These people need to be punished for their crimes because with the rate this is going, our girl-children are moving into becoming an endangered specie.

Shall we keep calm? A few years back, the Nigerian Senate passed the Sexual Offence Bill 2015, which provides for punishment of life imprisonment for rapists and those who have sexual intercourse with children or the under age. Considering the legal situation in the country, Is this enough?  Of course not. You, I and the rest of world have great roles to play if we really want to win this war against pedophiles. From tender age, we should teach our children about sex and what it entails. The world is dynamic, we ought to keep pace with the changes. Talking about sex with your children is not a taboo. Teaching your child about sex is not bad, it is a weapon of protection for the child should anyone want to molest her.

The only difference is in your teachings and explanation. The manner you talk to a four year old about sex is not the way you will tell a ten year old or a fourteen-year old. Right now, our children need to be aware of the danger they are in, as females. Parents should always keep watch on their children. We have female pedophiles too, so do not be too sure of that teacher or nanny you leave your child in care. Moreover, the law cannot punish offenders if they do not know them. We should always endeavour to report any act of molestation or abuse by pedophiles.

Believe me, this is not easy as many cases go unreported for fear of stigmatization. But sometimes we have to make such decisions to protect our children, no matter how difficult it is. Let us however learn not to stigmatise such victims but rather help them to get through their trauma.

The law is here to protect us, we should not be afraid to report the pedophiles to the police. We shouldn’t allow them destroy our children’s life. It might be difficult but not impossible. Let us stop the pedophiles now before it is too late. Our triumph is in our hands! We  have got to do more, you, I and the rest of the world.

Stop pedophiles!

Remember, none of us is leaving here alive, none!

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