Political Transition: Legislate LG’s Financial Autonomy… Residents Say

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

Some political analysts in Abakaliki have suggested that Local Government Financial autonomy should be granted by members of National Assembly so that there would be positive impact in the society.

This is sequel to the directive of National Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) mandating that the new regulation should take off on 1st June 2019.

Mr. Titus Agbo disclosed that the only way to have true independent Local Government system would be by granting its autonomy for development to reach grassroots.

He gave the advice during an interview with Citizen’s Advocate on Wednesday 29th May, 2019 while reacting on expectations towards Local Government Financial autonomy.

According to him, the demand is desirable and right thing to be done which must be pursued to a logical conclusion.

“We must not allow Governors to have their way until we actualize the agitation. What we are experiencing now is window dressing; people are not feeling the impact of democracy because the real development is not yet addressed. Thus, I urge the lawmakers to go ahead and give favour to the autonomy” he said

Mr. Chidiebere Udummiri, in his expectations, said that both Federal and state authorities should concentrate on poverty eradication by getting involved in investment that could affect lives positively.

He added that silos and preservation system should be revived so that excess farm produce would be controlled while encouraging government to always buy excess produce and store for future use.

He said, “It is not all about empowering people into Agriculture rather the issue of excess farm produce need to be considered. Also, we need more good road, infrastructure, power, functional railway system and industries to improve governance” he said.

Mrs. Regina Eze, a peasant farmer said that establishment of processing centers where farm produce could be processed and preserved for time of scarcity would be needed, adding that farmers should be able to have access to favorable loan.

She said, “Government should begin to create large processing centers for foods such as fish, snails, rice, cassava etc where they can be processed and packaged for export use. So, when we ensure that there is a value chain to sustain, jobs can be created.”

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