I Totally Agree with Fr. Unegbu

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By Peete Kol

On page 20 Volume 15, Number 22 of Citizens’ Advocate, the catchy headline by one Rev. Fr. Angelo Unegbu caught my fancy. It says “Human societies are built, sustained by hard work, not by miracles.” He went ahead to state within the write-up that: “the highest miracle has already been done and that is the creation of man and woman in God’s image and likeness. Being created in His image and likeness means that we were created to be co-creators with God. We are required to continue the miracle with our hands on the ground but with our mind focused on God”.

This is all we need in our various lives to push ahead in life. No more, no less. The fact that we sleep and wake up is a great miracle. Miracle happens to us every day of our lives. Can anybody predict or determine the period he goes to sleep? Is that not a miracle? The procreation itself is a miracle. That we go out and come in; in one piece is a miracle. That we were born and keep growing is a miracle, after all, nobody knows how he/she is growing, but as time goes on, one is either growing in sense, body and maturity.

In fact, these entire shout about miracle is a ploy to deceive gullible people. One thing one should know in this life is summed-up in the adage which says that “there is no food for a lazy man”. Is it not Mr. T. Harv Eker who said that for one to succeed in this life, “He must be COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE.”

And an Ibo maxim says that ‘Aka aja-aja na eweta onu mmanu-mmanu’. Which means ‘a busy hand brings about an oily mouth’. No miracle had ever brought food for one who sleeps all day. Like one of my books, “one has to strive to prevail. Nobody had ever woken-up from sleep to inherit food. One must work for it – in one way or the other.

My unpublished book urges everybody to emulate the ants. Nobody had seen a resting ant. They are always on the move to search for their daily bread, so is human being. To wait for miracle without working for it is an illusion. It is Socrates who says that for one to move the world, one must first move himself.

Miracle would only come to him who strives to do something tangible, and in that process, you might succeed. The same Mr. T. Harv Eker said that if one commits himself in what he is determined to do, “the universe will rally round and come to his aid.” Nobody had ever woken-up from sleep and inherited food. That will only happen after a series of hard work. Even if one’s parents are millionaires, if one does not work hard, all they left behind will crumble after the demise of their parents. After all, where are the children of say Zik, Awolowo and others. They depended on the riches of their fathers while children from poor background but hardworking rose to take the cradle.

In fact, my seventh book under production now is entitled “No substitute to hard work.” If our amiable Governor, “David Nweze Umahi” did not work hard as an engineering student, would he have excelled as a Governor?

In my days as a building technology student at the Kad-poly, a subject called “STRUCTURES” almost sent me crazy, but I condescended to learn it from our Ghanaian lecturer called Mr. Kawnsa. What is miracle? Miracle is when you have done all your home work and put your hands on the cradle. Then the universe, as T. Harv Eker, said will come to crown your efforts.

I have books for those who are waiting for miracle at St. Theresa’s shop. It is titled “use your Jack and Gear.” It actually guides one on how to succeed in life and not by any damn miracle, which some 419ners in the society use in brainwashing the gullible lazy Nigerians.

Miracle comes through hard work, reading books that will teach you those things you could not learn in any school. A philosopher says that what anybody knows in this world, he learnt it from someone else. Those who learnt from reading top books, use what they learnt from there to bamboozle the gullible that are thinking about miracles. The solution to all problems could only be found in prayers and indulging in hard work, no more no less. Our lives and the way of our lives are enmeshed in miracles right from God, nay creation, and working hard brings it to manifestation.    

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