Suicide is No Option! (2)

By Akindoyin Aanuoluwapo

When I wrote about suicide is no option the first week of this year, I was criticized that why would I be writing about suicide at the beginning of the year. When I should be encouraging in other ways, but my response was that there were people that might be thinking that they’ve lost hope and believed there was nothing to live for again.

Though it was a turnaround story of my twin brother that led me to write suicide is no option after he came out of depression which made him to think about committing suicide, but due to God’s mercy on his life, he had a breakthrough that gave him life instead of death.

Before we get people’s view on whether suicide is no option, we’ll revisit “Suicide is no option’ and extract some facts that needs to be examined on what might be the genesis of suicide and the outcome of the genesis if it lingers for a longer time.

Let’s talk about suicide is no option, for over 6 weeks now, a week rarely passed without at least one person committing suicide and this is done with one poisonous substance, an insecticide called ‘Sniper’ and most people that have taken this substance never came out alive, but went on a journey of no return.

What is suicide? According to WordWeb dictionary, suicide is the act of killing yourself and it is also means a person kill himself intentionally.

However committing suicide is a crime in the society and ultimately, it is a sin to God Almighty. Taking one’s life might look easy, but the end is destruction because God said in the bible that thou shall not commit murder and he also said all murders will go to hell fire, thus, taking your own life is committing murder on your own life.

What do you understand by murder? It is an unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being. When you as a human being decided to take your own life, it is murder, when you get to the throne of judgment you will be judged for murdering yourself which is a sin.

In the Holy Bible, Exodus 20:13 says, “Thou shall not kill” it is a grievous offence taking another person’s life or taking your own life. God frowns at it, just like someone who killed another human being will be punished, so will God punish the person that kills him/herself.

There is an illustration that you need to take note of as you go about living your daily life, there are events that will characterize your daily life and might bring smile or tears down your cheek, what you do with the event that brings tears down your cheeks matters a lot.

We all know the economy of the country is not that friendly, but you need to put God first and have a Godly attitude and God will carry you through the challenges. Be optimistic in every situation you find yourself, know that pessimistic people may not rise above that challenges, rather it may bury them.

Now, imagine you are holding a glass of water, if you hold it for a minute, it is not a problem. If you hold it for an hour, you will have an ache in your arm, if you hold it for a day; your arm will feel numb and paralyzed.

Remember, the weight of the glass of water doesn’t change, but the longer you hold it, the heavier it becomes.

The stresses and worries of life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens, think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt you, think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed-incapable of doing anything and keep thinking about them for days, thoughts of doing evil things to yourself begin to set in; like harming yourself or even killing yourself.

As early as you can, put the glass of water down, else it weighs you down, pulls you down and keep you on the ground, useless to do anything.

Every day of our life, we meet different people, encounter several circumstances, face lots of challenges, deal with horrible situations, and face terrific bosses; these are some of life’s issues. What happens to us in these situations doesn’t really matter, what matters is how we deal with these situations.

How do you handle these situations, do you allow the circumstances that happened during the day weigh you down for days or do you let go of it before the day runs out?

If you can let go of those negative thoughts as soon as you conceive it, do that before it weighs you down, you will be free from future calamity, but the moment you begin to brood on it, it kills you gradually, just like a slow poison and then one day, the devil will bring his best solution to you in a sweet way and he will tell you how you can get away from all the things bothering you.

Sometimes, some people are reaping the reward of their disobedience and they face the consequences, even though they might not know they are reaping what they sowed, while some others are just victims of circumstances.

Have you examined the life of Job in the bible? He was upright and righteous, the bible said he made sacrifices everyday to God so that God will forgive all their sins, should any of the children had committed sin.

But look at how God just removed his edge of protection from him so that devil will test his faith whether he will deny or curse God, but in the midst of his tribulation and suffering, he gave thanks to God. When all his children had died, he said ‘God gives and God takes”, can you pass through such and still say such.

Someone said that the change from being poor to rich is the best, but to change from being rich to being poor is a prayer that no man prays for, but Job’s case was worst, he moved from being wealthy to being a pauper that lost it all including all his children. He never knew that God was testing him, but at the end, he overcame and won.

Remember, he never committed suicide and he didn’t curse God as some quarters advised him to curse God and die, but he never gave up on God and God didn’t give up on him.

When you think you are passing through any terrible situation that is weighing you down, think about Job and I will advise you to read the whole book of Job to know how wealthy Job was and how his tribulation began, how he was able to pass through that phase of his life and how he ended.

After everything, Job’s end was far better than his beginning.

When you are thinking that you have lost it all, when you think there’s nothing worth living for, when you open your eyes and all you see is the end, when you look around you and see no one to confide in, when you look up, pray and it seems as if God is silent, think about Job and compare yourself with him, have you lost it all like Job and he still trusted in God and God turned his life around.

I will re emphasize, no matter the situation you are going through, suicide is no option.

…To be continued

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