You May Not Be Right!

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By John Alabi

No one knows it all. No one has monopoly of knowledge. No one is a custodian of all knowledge, revelation or information. Being a specialist doesn’t mean you know it all. Perhaps, that’s why you’re prone to errors. The great thinker, Aristotle, once convinced the world that heavier bodies of a given material fall faster than lighter ones when their shapes are the same, a mistaken view that was accepted as fact until the Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo conducted his experiment with weights dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Today, the theory is considered wrong. At the University of Pisa, Galileo proved this and convinced the world. But Galileo’s theory was not immediately accepted. Remember that great men are not always wise. Job 32.9.

Also, many centuries had come and gone when “Thales and his successors speculated about the nature of matter and of Earth itself. Thales himself believed that Earth was a flat disk floating on water, but the followers of Pythagoras, one of ancient Greece’s most celebrated mathematicians, believed that Earth was spherical”. But, the lie had been generally believed and gained so much ground. Even though the latter was correct and scriptural. Isaiah 40:22. Little wonder the Bible says: who can understand his errors? (Psalm 19:12). Sometimes, and many times, general concept, opinion, verdict, conclusion, belief etc. could be wrong. It’s possible to be sold wholeheartedly to wrong ideas, values, philosophy, superstition, tradition or methodology.

You can even defend it to the core without reservation. Perhaps, you can die for it, yet it doesn’t make it right.”Who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults”. Psalm 19:12.Thus it means you can be sincerely wrong. Permit me with all humility to say – Your thought, imagination, mindset, believe, values, principles, philosophy, concept, motive, attitude, habit, tradition, superstition, religion, plans, verdict, opinions, pursuit, system, strategies, administration and management could be wrong and you may not even know.

Imagine! Someone believes “Work is not Wealth”. But can you compare wealth generated from oil industry with a street hawker? Someone believe “Anything can Happen”. You see, that’s why it happens – Good or Bad. While some, believes “they decide what happen”. “Nothing just happen, Only what they make happen happens” Whereas the bible says by strenght shall no man prevail and by myself I can do but nothing. You can only do all things through Christ that strenghtens.

“Work is not the cure for poverty but smartness” to some. By smartness they mean stratagem to get wealth without labour or sweat. The get-rich-quick methodology, contradicting the dignity of labour and diligence. I beg your pardon; work is still the cure for poverty. Understand?  You cannot be better than your believe. Therefore, check your believe, faith, focus and action etc.

A wise man has said, “if your church cannot change you, change your church”. Perhaps, that’s why we have so many alarming membership transfers instead of conversion or soul winning. I want to submit that your church doesn’t need to change you and you don’t need to change your church. Neither do you need to change yourself. In fact you cannot change yourself not to talk of changing anybody. The Word of God is the only authorized agent of change, others are secondary. Therefore, if the Word of God cannot change you, nothing else will. If the Word of God cannot change your life, finances, businesses, marriage, home, children etc nothing else will. I implore you to humble yourself and embrace the Word of God for supernatural change. May you receive revelation to have right perspective or concept to issues of life in Jesus name.

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