Family Center Remedies Interference with Widows Inheritance

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

The Family Law Center in Ebonyi has disclosed its effort towards retrieving and recovering inheritances of widows and other female offsprings seized by their family members.

Chairperson of the center, Mrs. Elizabeth Nwali said that their plan was geared towards addressing denials, other forms of deprivations and abuses which women are subjected to pertaining to gender-based customs.

Nwali made the disclosure recently in Abakaliki during an interview on plans to enlighten more women on their rights so as to avoid discrimination of all sorts.

According to Nwali, women are always enlightened on their social rights during their visits to the center and in other social gathering of females in the state.

She pointed out that paucity of fund had been limiting activities of the Center from having greater number of women sensitized on their rights.

She said, “We normally follow due process when these cases are reported to the center and as a result visit the communities and elders of the victims’ families to ascertain the facts.”

“We have retrieved deceased persons’ inheritance from some perpetrators who are also family members and handed those properties over to the affected women.”

“Some of these widows are usually subjected to hardship each time their properties are forcefully taken and female children’s’ bride prices are collected by some of their family members without consent of the women.”

“Other victims are female offspring whose inheritances are forcefully taken even when their fathers are alive or late.

“I do educate them on their social rights, property inheritance with other forms of deprivations and since then, there have been compliance on part of the perpetrators from interfering in widows’ inheritance,” Nwali added.

The Chairperson while applauding State government and wife of the governor, Mrs. Rachael Umahi on their efforts in giving women sense of belonging, advised that there should be greater inclusion of women in administration to promote respect for their rights.

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