Suicide is No Option! (3)

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Let’s talk about Suicide is no option. Citizens’ Advocate went round town to get people’s view whether the trend that has taken over the country is an option to escape from the menace.

 “Suicide is no option in any way, there are better things in life and I want to talk from the life of an eagle. Looking at the life of an eagle, it has some extra ordinary qualities; it is the only bird that can soar higher above the cloud when it is raining.”

“But it has to pass through a painful rebirth about the 30-50 years of its life, at that time, most pat of its body including the feather is very weak, for the eagle to perform to its optimal, the eagle have two decisions to make, either to die or to pass through a painful rebirth.”

“I see somebody who is at the point of trying to consider suicide as an option, the person is saying should I give up and die or pass through a painful rebirth and then become better, I will advice you that suicide is not an option. Because when you consider that, you are saying there is nothing you can do whereby there are qualities and extra ordinary qualities embedded in you, extra ordinary strength embedded in you and there are things you can do that no one else can’t do, but you, so committing suicide is not an option.”

“This is a challenging moments whereby you tell yourself that I can do something good, so if you’re considering suicide, take few days out to find the purpose to which you are alive and things you are yet to accomplish.” – Irem Ebenezer Chizurum

“’Suicide is not an option, depression is not an option to make suicide an option to any human being. I will advise those that are depressed to find solution to their problem, not committing suicide but if you cannot handle it by yourself by finding solution to the problem, try to talk to someone. I will never advise someone to commit suicide. Once there is life, there is hope.” – Igweonu Adeline

“Suicide is not an option to those that are planning to, because things can change for someone that is alive, dead men cannot enjoy any benefit. My advise to those that are depressed is to look up to Jesus, be prayerful and have endurance. A life of biblical Job should be an example to them because what goes up must come down depending if you have patient or not, so committing suicide is not an option.” – Mrs Chinyere Ezeuzor

“Committing suicide is not an option, especially those that are killing themselves with sniper. Whoever that is depressed should try and talk to someone instead of committing suicide. When you are having problem beyond what you can handle, seek counsel from the counselor, because for every problem, there is always a solution”. – Chinedu Ukor

“Because there is still much about life, suicide is not an option. One thing about life is that you need to rise, if you don’t fall, you don’t move forward, that’s one thing about life. When you fail an exam, that doesn’t mean the end of life. You failing an exam is just a test towards you achieving more.”

“I’ll advise people that they should keep looking unto God and they should work towards improving themselves and that their failure that they think is a failure. it’s  a way to success for them.” – Oluwajuyigbe Oluwafemi

“No, suicide is not an option. It is not good to kill yourself because of the reasons they are giving. Those that are depressed should pray to God so that He will give them strength to pass through that stage successfully.” –  Arowolo Jimoh

“Suicide is in no way an option when it comes to the issue of depression. The only problem with people these days is that we live individual lives and we don’t live a communal life whereby you can share issues and difficulties with other friends, because of the change of the societal change. There are issues whereby we don’t see ourselves as friends again but as competitors.”

“These are the kind of norms that have left us and we then live like the white people, who live their individual live, they can kill themselves, or come out to kill others and then kill themselves. But that’s not the communal live we live in Africa, so because of that societal change, people cannot relate with themselves again and some of the thing we see on the social media.”

“As we are, we should try and reach out to our friends, relative with our family members, we should try and know what’s going on, even parents should reach out to their children. And we should not pressure people into doing anything, we shouldn’t see ourselves as competitors, but to live our lives to the fullest till the right time to go back to our creator.”

“Suicide is not an option in any way. People that are depressed should look for professional help or speak out, there is no issue in this life that doesn’t have a solution, only if they can speak out.” – Joseph Okereke

“No matter the problem that you are passing through, I believe suicide is not an option because you are not the owner of your life. Before you commit suicide, think about your loved ones, how will they feel when you are no more. Some people are married with little kids, before you commit suicide, think about your little kids, your wife, your siblings and parents, how will your loved ones feel.”

“When you commit suicide, you throw your family into a lasting depression that some may not recover from. Even Christ himself is against suicide.”

“I will advise that whatever the problem you are facing, try to share it with others, every problem has a solution and I pray that God will make a way so that the rate at which people commit suicide will reduce.” – Harry Blonsai

“Suicide is no option. In Igbo land, when someone commits suicide, his/her body is thrown into the evil forest, with neither proper burial nor receiving any benefits accrued to you. Relatives will be very sad about that.”

“Suicide is purposely taking your life, you are not the owner of your life, you’re not the creator of your life, so you shouldn’t take it.”

“I also think there is no love in the whole world, even in the family we live, we don’t love ourselves. If we love ourselves, we will be thinking of the family members you will leave behind.”

“If you are depressed, go back to the bible and read your bible, it will help you suppress depression and help you focus more on God. Read more Godly textbooks.”

“If you are not a Christian, mix with people, stay with friends always, if you don’t stay with people, you will be depressed. Pray to God, be friendly to people, talk about it with them and it will help you. Don’t allow depression to weigh you down completely.” – Mr. Chidi Muoka

“Suicide is not an option because it can’t solve their problems. Once they kill themselves, they won’t live to experience the best that may come out of their situation. They should hold onto God and wait patiently on God that soon, God will attend to their situation.” – Maureen Nwankwo

Do you think you have lost it all? Have you been sacked, jilted, abandoned, lied to, disappointed, and you felt you can no longer take it anymore? Are you weary and your heart is heavy? Tell it to Jesus. He is the master planner of our lives. He is the only one that can turn all bad situations around for good.

He’ll do it for you and you will lie a better life.

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