TRCN Frowns at Depopulation in Public Schools – Stakeholder

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) has expressed worry over the alleged falling standard in education and as a result called on state government and stakeholders to increase measures.

The National Deputy President, Comrade Kelvin Nwankwo attributed the decline to what he described as status symbol where parents and guardians always show off with the notion that their children are in private schools.

Nwankwo made this known to newsmen on Monday 10th June, 2029 in Abakaliki while disclosing number of teachers in the state who participated during the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE).

The Deputy President said that misconception of parents towards public schools, politics and education being commercialized among other factors are responsible for depopulation in the public institutions.

Comrade Nwankwo said, “Education in those days was given to people as social services but today it has been commercialized, where schools are found in open space, batchers and uncompleted buildings without ascertaining their standard.”

“Another reason for depopulation in public institutions is the availability of miracle centers in private schools, where mercenaries are hired to write exams for children.”

“Politics as a factor, teachers are not given free hand to exercise or mould children character wise or teaching them about environmental hygiene,” Nwankwo added.

Nwankwor further advised for an increased advocacy, sensitization, seminars, workshops and other related measures to improve educational standards required, while teachers are charged to allow themselves to be trained adequately.

 He noted that among 554 teachers who registered for PQE, 544 participated in the state while 10 were absent.

He stated that December 2019 would serve as deadline for any teacher who is not registered and qualified by TRCN as the person would be removed from the system.

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