AEFUTHA CMD Frees Mothers With Quadruplet, Triplet

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By Agnes Igwe

The Chief Medical Director of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakaliki, Dr. Emeka Onwe Ogah in his magnanimity and large heartedness has released Mrs.  Nwofoke Martina, the indigent mother with quadruplet from Obegu-Ogbala Ishieke, Ebonyi LGA of Ebonyi State with a call for goodwill on their behalf.

The CMD gave the order on Wednesday, 4th of July, 2019, after taking holistic situation of the patients and noted that they ought to be discharged purely on humanitarian grounds.

He emphasized that though the hospital had played its part by restoring their health, that the public should take up from where they stopped by donating massively for the upkeep of the young Nigerians.

He used the occasion to give a standing order that cases of such multiple births should always be brought to his notice as soon as possible.

He explained that though the said patients were brought from another hospital, Sudan Mission Hospital, Iziogo, in very critical condition, to AEFUTHA, they were given adequate care and treatment.

He said that their bills were also written off as they were asked to go free of charge because of the level of their poverty.

The CMD had earlier in penultimate week released an indigent mother with a set of triplet free of charge.

In an interview with the recipient of hospital magnanimity, Mrs. Nwofoke Martina, mother of the quadruplet, she expressed her unalloyed and immeasurable gratitude to the hospital management and the CMD, and still appealed to the Ebonyi State government for empowerment to enable her family look after the children.

Similarly, the Secretary of the Twins and Multiple Births Care Foundation (TAMB_CF), Mr. Godwin Ezeaka, was overjoyed with the kind gestures of the CMD toward the indigent families of multiple births.

He however appealed to public spirited individuals and government, charity organizations not to leave the entire burden on the hospital management and the helpless parents as no knows how the society and her citizens would benefit from the children when they are finally grown.

He equally appealed to the public for help to other mothers of twins and singletons who are still facing the same situation as the families of the quadruplets.

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