Businessman Losses N51,100 to Gamblers

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… Begs for N200 to Go Home

By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

A provision dealer whose name is yet to be ascertained and a native of Ezzamgbo has lost N50,100 to gamblers at Hosanna Park Junction, along Gunning road in Abakaliki on Wednesday 10th July, 2019.

According to an eye witness, Mr. Benjamin Nworie, narrated that the victim was approached by group member of gamblers who pretends that he won over 10,000 naira with 1,000 and asked the businessman to bet with little money that he could win an android phone worth over hundred thousand naira.

He said that at that point, the victim stood behind them and watched as they demonstrate while their members keep trooping in betting and winning unknown to him that those winners are their members, stressing that at the point he brought out 26,000 and lost it.

He further narrated that a passerby whispered to him but he was not observant as the victim’s attention was on what he would win, even when it got the attention of member gamblers who rushed to block their victim, asking him to try more which made him to bet with 31,100 naira and lose it too.

Another eye witness, Beatrice Olughu, noted that despite the fact that the ill business was done in an open space, nobody could talk since it was alleged that the gamblers have good connection with security agencies in the state and had duped many innocent people who came to buy one thing or the other and would always discard their carton and desert the point once their trick clicked.

She said that the gamblers whom she alleged were not registered or business legally done in the market at different points within the Gunning Road had defrauded many victims and once they succeed would take off and if their victim dare run after them, such person would be beaten blue -black which sympathizers would not intervene, else, they attack the person thereafter, and would boast that “nothing is happening.”

She blamed their victims as greedy people who wish to reap where they did not sow and appealed to security agencies to arrest the boys as they pose a serious threat to the society, pointing out that the gamblers use charm to lure their victims who once the person stopped and peepped would be trapped and until their victim’s pocket is empty would not regain his senses.

Citizens’ Advocate observed that the victim was mute throughout the period as he walked aimlessly and stood up begging for 200 naira for transport which he did not get for the sympathizers mocked him as a greedy gentleman.

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