Man Dies for N20

By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

A young man and father of three children, Mr. Friday Awodu popularly known as “Naked” was said to have lost his life, penultimate weekend in a manner suspected to be as a result of a contention with a commercial motorcycle operator over his alleged N20 balance in Abakaliki.

Narrating the incident, Mr. Akparata Nwogbaga, an eye witness and resident of the area told our reporter that the problem began as child’s play when the deceased alighted from the motorcycle, paid his fare and requested for his balance but along the line complained of being over charged thereby insisted that sum of N20 should be given to him.

He disclosed that while the two men were dragging and arm locking each other over the money, some sympathizers mediated into the matter and the bone of contention was ascertained, they decided to offer N20 to late Friday but instead of him to collect it, he rather insisted that the payment should come directly from the bike operator’s pocket.

According to him, after everyone had exhausted their strength trying to make peace between the duo, they were left alone.

The deceased who was determined to get his N20 balance held firmly the motorcycle, while the operator was trying to free himself to continue his daily activity.

In a jiffy, he zoomed off with anger, an action through which late Friday’s hand slipped from the bike and he fell and hit his head on the concrete road and as a result his skull was broken.

He further disclosed that the motorcyclist whom he said may not have intentionally hurt the victim did not stop after his action, rather he accelerated and disappeared into thin air while the victim was rushed to teaching Hospital where he died two days later.

Mrs. Cecilia Nwobasi Nwiboko, a resident told Citizens’ Advocate that the deceased adamance and other acts associated with the incident were not unconnected with alcoholic influence as the late Friday before his death because he was a habitual drunkard while claiming that the victim could rarely stay for an hour free of alcohol intoxication.

Mrs. Cecilia said, “While Mr. Friday was struggling with the motorcyclist for the N20 balance, he was staggering like someone who is drunk.”

“Now, he had gone to the world beyond, leaving his young wife and little children to suffer. Thus, people should learn how to be wise nowadays” she advised.

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