Six Persons Stand Trial For Armed Robbery

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… Another for Threat  … Victim Sends SOS to Govt, Security Agencies

By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

No fewer than six persons accused of dispossessing a businessman, Prince Andrew Ogbonnaya Nwandugo of his belongings at gun point are currently standing trial in the High Court of Abakaliki.

In an arraignment charge sheet with number MAB/217C/2017 made available to us, it was stated in Count 1 that Mr. Chukwuemeka Ugbala, Nnamdi Nwaleke, Friday Imeba, Eze Orie, Obinna Ochogu, Ebuka Nwankwegu and others at large conspired among themselves on 25th February 2017 along Hill Top Road and robbed the victim of his assets.

The armed robbery suspects were also accused of taking unlawful possession of two handsets valued at fifty thousand naira and one Honda Oddessy vehicle with registration number ABC 230 AE that worth’s eight hundred thousand naira belonging to their victim at the same day and place while in their third and fourth charges respectively, they allegedly robbed Mrs. Lucy Nwandugo of cash of fifteen thousand naira and as well belong to a secret cult known as Viron confraternity thereby possessing offensive weapons

It was also gathered in another count that the six accused persons had in their possession and under their control one single barrel locally made pistol without license.

All these aforementioned are contrary to the constitutions and punishable under many sections of the law.

In the same vein, with the charge number HAB/46c /2019, Mr. Oroke Chukwudi was accused of being a member of an illegal cult group known as Vikings Confraternity and as a result caused extreme fear on Mr. Andrew Nwandugo by threatening to kill him.

Prince Nwandugo lamented that since the case started against the accused, he had been receiving death threats, to release them or face their wrath of death or further harm from their relatives.

According to him, even though the attack was on his person and his family, what they did not realize is that the gravity of the offences are not between them “and myself but between them and the State Commissioner of Police.”

“Each time some persons believed to be cultists who are not comfortable with the detention of the six men call me, they will say that since I don’t want to withdraw the case that I will be eliminated so that there won’t be complainant in the matter any longer,“ he explained.

He added that pertaining to the problem, parents of the gang leader, Mr and Mrs. Stephen Nwaleke had summoned him before the following persons: their Traditional Ruler, his parish priest and many other political office holders in their area but the people, on their part, having heard and found out the true version of the issue became handicapped.

He reiterated that the case is between the Commissioner of Police, Ebonyi State Command and the suspects and thereby appealed that those calling him should channel their efforts legally rather than threatening his life unjustifiably.

Nevertheless, he told us that while he was experiencing temporary bad mood brought upon by the past incident, on 6th May, 2019, in his shop at New Timber shade, Nkwoagu, his former apprentice, Mr. Chukwudi Oroke started threatening fire and brimstone to kill him since he had survived the previous attack over a mild argument.

He therefore appealed to the Ebonyi State Governor, Chief Dave Umahi, and other security agencies to please take note of the threats, adding that they may not be empty threats, at all.

He further said that he never used his position to suppress any one rather they are suffering from what they had caused for themselves adding that his version is open for verification to whoever that wishes.

He revealed another ugly development in the incident where a police officer in the person of one Gabriel Oduburu lost his two fingers following the suspects’ gun that blew at Ezzamgbo in the man’s quest to recover the weapon in a place where it was hidden.

He added that the arrest of Mr. Chukwudi Oroke was principally triggered by the accused person’s alleged threat stating that he would kill him (Nwandugo) and serve jail term associated with such action.

He said that for him to be safe he had to run to the protection of the law lest it becomes too late.

Mrs. Ngozi Nwaleke, one of the suspect’s mother denied ever threatening Mr. Nwandugo and claimed that all her efforts had been channeled towards resolving the matter peacefully.

She said that she had disclosed her plight to two Catholic priests who had as well approached the man on her behalf.

“The issue of summoning him before our Traditional Ruler is a false allegation against me” she said.

She told us that she was neither praising the boys over the act nor denying her son’s involvement in the crime rather through all the moves made already she simply appealed for forgiveness knowing fully that they would turn a new leaf once they are released.

“If it requires signing undertaking for my son, I will not hesitate provided the matter is settled amicably” she said.

Mr. Oroke Anigor, father of Mr. Chukwudi told us that really he had had land transactions with Mr. Nwandugo before his son was engaged by the man for apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship, according to him did not go as collectively as agreed upon as it was aborted half way and nevertheless frowned at the victim’s action whom he said did not report the boy’s alleged threat to him before ordering for his son’s arrest and arraignment.

He disclosed his readiness to stand for the accused person even if it involves taking oath either with bible or in a traditional way to enable Mr. Nwandugo be convinced that he would not be hurt by the young man when he is out.

“Mr. Nwandugo has been regarded as my first son since my encounter with him but the issue of locking up Mr. Chukwudi in the prison without my knowledge, that is the area where he offended me” he explained.

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