Woman Recovers 2 of 4 Kidnapped Children

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By Nwogha Ndubuisi Andy

A woman identified as Mrs. Mary Emmanuel has recovered two out of her four children stolen from her by child traffickers.

It could be recalled that Mrs. Mary lost four of her children identified as Marvelous, Mercy, Promise and Peace to child traffickers in Ebonyi State on May 7, 2019 on their way to Cross River state.

According to information gathered by Citizens’ Advocate, out of the four children kidnapped, only two, Marvelous and Mercy have been recovered and the other two are yet to be found.

Speaking with the husband, Mr. Emmanuel, it was revealed that the children were found by the police in Umuahia where they had already been sold for the sum of N1.2million

He revealed the lady who stole their children was arrested by the police in Owerri when luck ran out of her in the process of selling another child.

He added that in the course of her arrest, she took the police to the gang leader identified as Chioma, according to him Chioma distributed the stolen children to interested buyers.

Adding that Chioma revealed the buyers of the children, one of which was in Umuahia, who was arrested and the twins recovered and another buyer a reverend who bought one other two children who are a year and four months was said to have evaded arrest.

He revealed that the police arrested the Reverend Pastor’s wife, who confessed that the children are in Abuja.

Mr. Emmanuel expressed hope that his children would all be united to the family, while he lamented the death of one of the triplets who was sick during the kidnap saga.

Recall that the children where kidnapped by a stranger who hypnotized the mother of the children, pretending to render assistance to her and in the course stole four of her children from her. Out of the children stolen, two are twins while the other two where triplet of a year and four months who are still missing till date.

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