Forget the Drawing Board

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By John Alabi

I once watched a home video where a gang of armed robber planned ten years or there about to rob a renowned bank in the city but never did. Only for Johnny from nowhere executed the robbery successfully in less than a day. You will agree with me, behind every unnecessary waiting, planning, scheming and strategy of many is the monster called fear. You’re either praying or planning in fear or in faith. In the nucleus of long planning, scheming, projection, market survey, feasibility study, and unnecessary perfection of work plan is fear.

No time. Leave the drawing board. Go to the field. Get it wrong if you may. Sit down and do it again. No time. Simply get started and overcome the fear of getting started! Leave the drawing board, get rid of it or forget it entirely.

Leap before you look: Leap before you look? Yes. Recall your first giant stride to walk as a kid. Did you wait for expert opinions? Did you wait for advice of relatives, friends, well-wishers or enemies? Were you lectured on how to overcome fear? What happened? You just did it. You took the risk. The little YOU were brave, bold, and daring. Did I say those things are not necessary? No. But, they are not as important as your decision. That was the same way you started off in life; you were not waiting for the critical analysis, and experts’ opinions before you took the first initiative to walk. Were you? No.

In the same vein, the experts’ opinion, particularly, the highly respected people in your life and profession might not be helpful, especially in your quest to making wealth and financial independence. When I thought of asking people to pay to read my stuff on social media and discussed with so many experts, greater junk objected. But I did. Today, the rest is history. This is the simplest way to prove the liars wrong and frustrate their tokens. You have all it takes to prove the liars wrong. And, you have all it takes to frustrate their tokens. You proof them right by folding your arms doing nothing. You proof them right by believing their judgment. You prove them right by dancing to their tunes. Be bold. Be daring. Take the bull by the horn. Leap before you look and the liars will be ashamed and, their tokens frustrated. 

Make the move: Never think a step in the right direction is the popular, the common, the palatable and the applauded. It is not the one in which the majority travels but otherwise. A step in the right direction may not yield immediate productivity and profit, but it’s in your best interest to enroll on the journey. It may not profit in the now but on the long run. The journey to success, prosperity and better life is a solo and lonely one. Lucky you, if you have an understanding companion. Many and most of your trusted friends will not believe in it. Many may even shout it down. But, in the long run, it will speak and they will come to look for shade under it. Keep at it. Make the move!

Just do it: Yes. Just do it. I cannot thank my admirers and audience enough. I have enjoyed all form of supports, particularly via Wisdom Today posts.  However, it may not be so for many others for many reasons. My advice and encouragement for other orators, writers, motivators and preachers is, ‘just do it!’ They may not ‘like’ it but, they cannot deny your stuff. They may not ‘comment’ but they cannot deny your contribution. They may not ‘share’ your view but they cannot deny the potency and weight it carries in their lives. Remember that out of ten lepers healed, only one came back to show appreciation to the master. If this could happen to the master; how much more you and I? Do not wait for recognition, ovation, award and reward to be a blessing to your world. Just do it! And leave the rest. In process of time, the God of rewards will show up in your case.

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