Death of Fasoranti’s Daughter: Why Blame is on Herdsmen

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By Anachunam Ifeoma

On the 12th day of July being Friday, 58 year old Funke Olakunri, daughter of National leader of Pan-Yoruba Socio-political group, Afanifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti was shot dead along Benin/Ore express way. Since the ugly incident of the death of this renowned daughter of a renowned Nigerian political leader, people had been talking and arguing both on social media and outside of it.Majority of Nigerians are of the opinion that it was the herdsmen who are responsible for the killing while others are of the opinion that proper investigation should be made to fish-out the culprist and to avoid wrong accusations. Then I pause to reflect, to think, why are most fingers pointing at the herdsmen and not on Boko Haran or high way robbers? Why are the herdsmen the only and major suspects The answer is clear and it is simply “Your attitude is your attribution” you are defined by your attitude,once you are identified or known with a particular attitude, that automatically defines you and is reflected on how people see and address you. It prefigures what people thinks or may likely think of you.

If you are a musician, once a new track is released and people are guessing about the producer, your name will be mentioned because you are a musician. If you are a creative script writer, once a beautiful creative script is produced, fingers will be pointing at you as the producer. Reason, you are known for that, it is either your profession or hobby. If you are a drunk, once people notice anyone who drank himself to stupor they will automatically assume it is you because you are a drunk. Whatever attitude you are known for, whatever attribute you make for yourself automatically reverts back to you once there is any action that is associated with such attitude or action. The society even our friends and associates who might know us with a particular attitude cannot help looking at us should there be issue of something somewhere that reflect our attitude.There will always be that word, look or even gesture that questions “are you sure it is not you”.

Notwithstanding, Boko Haran is killing in the North, but they are only there in the North causing their own havoc, so no one will think of them in this case. The high-way robbers are operating too but theirs is not rampant as that of the herdsmen. Though they may be suspected but then since they are no longer often operating, it is like no one remembers them. But then, the killings of the unarmed and unsuspecting Nigerian citizens by herdsmen as witnessed in this country in recent time were really much. They had their massacre in Benue, Nimbo in Uzouwani of Enugu State, Edo State even in Ebonyi state as well. So with all these killings by a particular set of people going on in the country why won’t they be suspected of any other killings around? Why won’t they be the major suspect of any unusual and inhuman killing within the country? Who blames those who are pointing accusing finger at them? They kill and slaughter human beings like chicken without any caution from the security not even from the government. Yeah, the government is admitting the issue of security challenges in the country, but what actually is the source of our nation’s insecurities? Since when did the security of this country been severely threatened if not since the herdsmen killing of innocent citizens started all over the country? Though it started with the Boko Haran but intensified by the herdsmen. True, hate speech, false accusation should be avoided, but we should remember that those things were there because of their previous attitude. They kill and they go scot free without any small harassment from the security agents.

So, they are being defined by their actions. By being accused of Funke Olakunri’s death, well it might be that some bad guys are masquerading as herdsmen to commit evil which is possible. But then, even if they are not the culprit in this case, for the fact that they have been doing it earlier that makes them suspects.So, who is to blame?

It is obvious that once there is a robbery every robber in the neighbourhood becomes a suspect. By this I am not supporting those pointing accusing fingers, neither do I accuse them. They made their accusation based on what is happening in the country. They attributed to the herdsmen what their attitude has been for a while now, though it must be taken that suspicion is not taken for reality.

 In life, whether we like it or not our actions, our attitudes makes us or mares us. We are named, recognized and predicted after that which we are known for be it something good or bad. So let the herds men are taking the blame of every unusual and inhuman death of the Nigerian citizens because that has been their attitude towards the people. Let us who are the analyst and advocates examine our own lives and attitude towards people and situation, because our attitude definitely is going to be our attribution. Whatever attitude we portray in life, whatever choice we make, whatever way of life we choose for ourselves. Whether we bargain for it or not will in one way or the other determine our attribution. If we love good attributions let us be conscious of doing good to all and sundry irrespective of age, tribe, class, appearance or religion. Otherwise, let us prepare our minds to take whatever we see based on our attitude in the society. The choice is ours.

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