Every Hard Work Deserves a Prize!

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By Peete Kol

In every aspect of life’s endeavours, one have to work real hard to succeed. Be it in education, business, farm, work, sports etc, if you don’t put in some efforts, you cannot succeed. And when the success doesn’t come as expected, one has to review whatever one is doing in order to ameliorate the situation.

It’s about our own dear Super Eagles and their performance during the erstwhile African Cup of Nations (AFCON) which they came third and thereby inheriting the bronze medals to their kitty. But I can swear with my pen that if these Eagle-boys had put some extra effort, they would have lifted this coveted cup as they did during the late Stephen Keshi era at coaching them. I think they took the Algerian for a “sponge cake above the ear” that made them allow the Algerians ran away with a 2-1 defeat on them during the quarter finals. The Eagles don’t deserve that defeat. And if it were the other way round, the Eagles would have lifted the cup. This is why I love the Americans because they don’t easily quit in things like this.

A philosopher said that success is like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired, contending that you quit rather when the gorilla is tired. I have implicit confidence on our dear coach, Mr. Rohr whom I believe had all it takes to take the eagles to the top; but the boys put Nigerian factor into it and allowed the Algerians to take what belongs to the Eagles.

And this is why I annoyingly reprimanded the Eagles last two weeks when they fell for the Algerians, contending that since they have allowed themselves to be beaten by the Algerians whom I am sure the Eagles would beat on replay.

In that write-up last two weeks on page six of this paper: which I captured as “Algerians beat the Eagles: no wahala”. And just like I did, many Nigerians reprimanded them for that shoddy outing.

As if they heard our outcry they now displayed a splendid performance during the third place match to which the third place bronze. What the hell? And I heard some people blaming the failure to lift the coveted cup on the coach Mr. Rohr? That is balderdash. Would Mr. Rohr come to the pitch to play for the boys?

It actually reminds me of a particular coach who once led our boys outside this shore and who would always watch the boys play with his hand on his jaw. And when he was asked why he was always sitting down and was just watching the boys with his hand on his jaw? He replied what else could he do after giving the player the game plan to use right there on the field.

Mr. Rohr is a good tactician and should be allowed to continue. The onus is on the boys who take things for granted, forgetting that with some extra efforts, they could rule Africa in the game of football.

And just as I said during that write-up, all the largess from the Federal Government, NFF and from the public spirited Nigerians would go to them and to them only and nothing would be allowed to fall on our table or our bank account

Just like the maxim: those who play well in the game of football would be allowed to suck the proverbial oranges.

And now the news had it that two Nigerians billionaires: Otedola and Dangote redeemed their pledges of 25, 000 Dollars and 50,000 Dollars respectively for the goals scored. Now tell me, if they did not strive to score those goals, would such a huge sum have come to them? It should serve as a lesson to all sports enthusiasts to put in extra efforts for extra flow of money into their accounts.

And that is the prize for hardwork.

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