God Will Provide

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God will provide has become a cliche, a song which everyone sings whenever they face difficulties. It has become a consolation, a hope to the despair, a light to people battling with the trials of life. We chant it on daily basis. We say it to our friends whenever they run to us with their bundle of problems and issues.

Hold on a second! Does God really provide for us in the literal sense of it?  I mean, does he come down from heaven to drop food on our tables or provide us with foodstuffs? Does he go shopping for us and fill our wardropes with clothings of different sizes? Does God go to our schools to pay our fees? Or provide our children with midday meals at school? Does he help you talk to the person to give you a job?

Of course not, he does not do all these things by himself as God is invisible. Rather he does this through other people, humans like you and I. They said God works through people. We can hear pastors scream this on top of their voices every morning. Let me ask you, many times do you allow God to use you? To provide for others through you. It’s just heartbreaking that most times we might be in a position to help other people but would not lift a finger to do so. After listening to a friend’s trouble, we smile and say ‘sorry, it’s well, God will provide’ while we possibly have ways to help the person. I’m not just talking about monetary help, though that is the most kind of help people need. There are still other ways of helping others. Someone might be trying to get a job with a particular establishment. Seeing that you have a long leg in that particular sector, he or she meets you to get help and you drop the ‘God will provide’ words at his or her laps.

 Wait a second, even if it is monetary help how many times have you helped? I think humans are hypocrites who would not like to give to another unless it’s just to show off, to portray themselves as ‘good persons’. We wash the back of the cup and leave the inside dirty. Let me give you a real life example. Do you remember Success?  The girl who few months ago trended on social media due to the fact that she was chased away from school for not paying her fees? Yes, the one many ‘rich’ Nigerians donated huge amounts of money for. Yes, now you remember. I’m not saying this is not a generous act. In fact it shows how big our hearts are and how Nigerians like to help others in despair. Cheregodi! Do you want to tell me that all those who donated money to the girls education do not have children around them who are chased from school on daily basis due to school fees? Don’t they have aged people in their village that they can help? The widow who is working hard to cater for her children that they pass everyday, how many times have they given her a token to help her with her troubles? Before you crucify me, I know they are good people out there who still help people when they can, not only when they are before a camera. However, it still remains a fact that majority of people only want to help when or where the world can see and commend them.

Please, do not give me the ‘ I don’t have enough and I’m still struggling to find my feet line’.  It gives people joy whenever you help them in their little way you can and not just filling their ears with God will provide. Not to brag, there was a day I had just 500 hundred naira, it was that bad. A friend called me in the morning and told me she had not eaten since the night before. I did not know what to do as I myself was low on cash. I asked her if she had raw rice, she answered in the affirmative. I gathered some condiments for cooking rice and gave her 200 naira out of the 5h. I survived the week. I explained to her that I was in a similar position. She was so happy that I gave her from the little I have. Two weeks later, she got some money and sent me 3 thousand naira out of the blue. It was unexpected and I needed the money at that moment. I’m not saying you should expect something in return whenever you help someone but you never can tell. The world rotates and you might be on the other side tomorrow.

I remember asking another friend for help. I was at my lowest moment. The guy narrated stories of how many people sent him money the previous week and one even bought him a phone because he complained to the person that his phone was bad. After filling his inbox with my messages, brother told me that God will provide. No to lie, at that moment I was disappointed. No matter how little, your help can save someone from depression, put another out of his misery, help one overcome a challenge.

Stop throwing the ‘God will provide’ words at people when you can solve their problems. Allow God to use you to help. It’s however understandable when you cannot help. We all are flawed but let’s not forget the true essence of our humanity.

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