Onitsha MGK Wants Better Health for Members

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The Onitsha Metropolitan Grand Knight (MGK), of the Knights of St. (KSM) Nigeria, Sir Damian Okolo has urged KSM Physicians to assist Knights in taking care of their health.

Declaring open the 2nd Onitsha Metropolitan College of Physicians conference attended by Physicians from all the 46 Subordinate Councils in the area at the KSM headquarters, Onitsha, Okolo explained that the conference was put in place to enable them update their knowledge on the medical and pro-life programmes of the Order.

The MGK, who was represented by the Onitsha Metro Secretary, Sir Romanus Nriagu also observed that the conference was to enable them review their activities for the past one year, share experiences and good practices and plan for sub councils’ health activities

He said, “As Worthy Physicians and ladies, you have a lot to do to improve the health condition of brothers and sisters. Some of our brothers and possibly our sisters may be so busy pursuing money at the expense of their health.”

“As the Worthy Physicians you should, from time to time, draw the attention of our brothers and sisters on the need to attend to their health. This can be done by proactively planning and organizing regular health enlightenment activities, lectures and seminars on appropriate health issues. You can also organize medical check-ups/screening and encourage brothers and sisters to go for such.”

He commended the Physicians particularly the Metro Council Medical and Prolife committee led by Brother Michael Ejeh and other Knights for the success of the first ever Onitsha Metro Council medical mission carried out at Amanuke in Awka North Local Government Area in June, during which over 1000 patients from Amanuke, Urum and lsuaniocha communities were screened and treated.

 He was, however, not happy that Onitsha Metro Council had never won any medical and prolife prize because Sub Councils were not reporting what they were doing, adding that unless their activities were reported, it tantamount that they have done nothing.

In his welcome address, the Metro Physician of the Onitsha Metro Council, Brother Michael Ejeh said the gathering was the second conference after the restructuring and introduction of KSM Prolife and Medical Initiative for Spirituality, Education, Evangelization and Sustainability programme.

He announced that the annual KSM Medical Mission would be rotating among the zones in the Metro Council in alphabetical order, adding that having taken place in Awka this year, the next mission would take place in Enugu in 2020, Nnewi in 2021 and Onitsha zone in 2022.

A pediatrician, Brother Jude Onyia delivered a paper on the theme, “Through the unity of the Tri-unity of Humanity”, while the second lecture titled “Seed –based Nutrition” was delivered by a nutrition expert.

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