The Bundle And The Hurdles

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By John Alabi

Beware! This piece may not be for everybody, especially, the lucky-freak, mediocre, the average and the narrowed minded. It is restricted for the first class products, materials, the sound, the intellectuals, the hard working, the brilliant, the highly intelligent, those with the mental, technical and academic prowess but somehow, finding it pretty difficult to have a head way in life. On a serious note; have you ever considered why the grade ‘A’ or ‘Best’ students are not always at the forefront in life?

Have you ever considered like Pastor Bakare puts it, ‘why the worst of all are rulings the best of all?’ Have you ever considered that, most of the least expected to make it in your school days had it worked for them dramatically and effortlessly? Have you ever imagined while the so-called less privileged seems to have an upper hand compared to the genius? Have you ever observed it is the talented, gifted and skilled that face untold hardships and struggles on their way to the top? Peculiarity! Yes. I mean you are different. You are too loaded. And, the bundle of deposit in you would determine and necessitate the hurdles you would have to cross. I mean to say you will pay direly for how good you are.

Perhaps you are lamenting your lot and wish it could happen for you the way it happened for others. I wish I could have it on a platter of gold like my friends. I wish I had the financial muscle and vertebrate like some. I wish I had it magically. Happen very fast and without going through hell. Hmmm. Like others. Yes. Obviously some had ‘just like that’ experience, especially, those who are not as gifted, skilled, talented, intelligent and loaded as YOU!

The good news is this; the nature has packaged into your inbuilt software to handle it. God has packaged into you the ability, capability and instrumentality to weather the storm and triumph. Be reminded that, the way Saul got to the throne was totally and absolutely different from the way David got to the throne. The former got to the throne ‘just like that’ the later ‘crossed many hurdles’ despite being anointed. He will not tempt you beyond what you can bear. I want you to know; with God on your side, you can tackle, handle, overcome and triumph over your hurdles. So, when the floods comes your way sail through it.

Have you ever given it a thought why you seem in quote always in the wrong team, with the wrong boss, hostile environment, in a tight corner or in a difficult or tedious place most of the time? Yes there could be many reasons associated with. Some of them are:

I It may be to PUNISH you for the wrong or right done or committed. Remember Uziah was positioned to where the battle was fierce to kill him for wrong reason.

II. It may be to POLISH you for the task ahead. To refine, redefine, prepare and mold you to suit a predetermined purpose. It is done to colorfully prepare you for destiny.

III. It may be to give you the needed PUSH. To give you a push, stir you up, motivate and inspire you to attain God’s status for your life.

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