Woman Drags Husband to Court for Making Her Lose Eye

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By Joy Okeke

A middle aged woman, mother of five children, Mrs. Cecilia Nwifuru, a native of Iboko in Izzi Local Government Area council of Ebonyi State has lost an eye for allegedly allowing her tenant to cook in their family kitchen.

Mrs. Nwifuru dragged her husband, Mr. Sunday Nwifuru (aka Boss) to court for beating her, causing her to lose an eye and also not providing money for her medical bills.

Mrs. Nwifuru while narrating her ordeal said, “The incident that resulted to me losing an eye happened on May 3rd this year. After preparing dinner that day around 5pm, it was about to rain, one of our tenants who is SSS3 student who is taking WAEC examination living in our yard pleaded with me to allow her use the fireplace in my kitchen to warm her food and eat since she doesn’t have kerosene and the money to buy any at that moment.”

“Having returned from the day’s examination, she needed to eat but doesn’t have kerosene. I was touched because I am a mother. She said she will only be able to buy kerosene after traveling to see her parents that weekend. Little did I know that my husband was already coming home. On his arrival, I served him food to eat.”

“After he finished eating his food, he came out and asked for the identity of the person cooking in our family kitchen since dinner was ready and I told him the person that was cooking there. While I was still trying to give clearer explanations why I allowed her to warm her food in our kitchen, my husband rained blows on me and one landed heavily on my eye which gave me a serious sore on my eye that has damaged that eye.

“I came to court because despite the damage already done to my eye, he abandoned me and refused to take me to the hospital for proper treatment. As you can notice, this eye seems to be totally damaged now because of unnecessary anger. I can’t see with it.”

“I have 5 children for him, 3 boys and 2 girls. Presently, I have gone to my father’s house because I don’t want to die yet. I had to run for my life before he beats me to death.”

“I got married to my husband in the year 1999. Our first child is among those who wrote senior WAEC this year. I want him to be compelled to give me proper medical treatment, maybe I will start seeing with the eye again.

In his response, the accused during interview with newsmen explained that despite the fact that he had earlier instructed the wife not to allow tenants into their family kitchen, she went ahead and allowed the girl to cook in their kitchen, but the blow he gave her that caused her to lose an eye was not intentional.

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