Tales Corner -Where is GOD?

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Tales Corner –Where is GOD?

  • We believe.
  • We hope.
  • We search.
  • We have faith.
  • A God.
  • The Supreme being.
  • The Almighty.

Mankind especially Christians have always hinged their creation story on the belief that there is God. The Almighty who created heaven and earth; everything in it, the land, the seas, the land and sea animals, the insects, the plants and even man himself.

Every Christian have while growing up must have countless times heard the story of creation. How God created the world with just words. I’m not here to bore you.

I’m sure you know the details by heart. However, if God exists as we believe, where does he reside? Where does the creator truly reside? In heaven? In our heart? Everywhere like catechism said?  Where is his resting place? Where is the Garden of Eden where he chased Adam and Eve out of? Have you ever pondered on this?

He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and all the other ‘Omnis’.  I know, you are probably giving me the above ‘Omni line’ or shoving the ‘he is God and can do anything’  down my throat. I don’t doubt that.

How many of us have seen God? How many of us even saw Jesus when he came down to earth? I’m sure no one alive did. So how can you point to heaven and say he lives there. Because the scripture says he ascended into heaven right?  However, this makes those saying that he is everywhere liars I guess.

What about those that claim that at one time in their lives, God has opened their eyes to see heaven and hell. Where did they say that God lives?  What about the individuals who say that God lives in the hearts of men? Are they liars too?

I’m sure that at this moment you must be wondering, where is she going with this? Relax, sit back, put your seat belt, allow me to take you on a ride to see God.

Permit me to show you where he lives. Let me lead you to his humble abode. Seeing him will evoke a lot of feelings but please do not scream or rather just… scream a little.

God lives in that your neighbor who is finding life extremely difficult. The one who you can help, but refuse to do so because he argued with you a few months back.

God lives in the heart of that widow whom the weight of the world and the stress of catering for her children is weighing down, but you never gave her an encouraging smile or tried to help by patronizing her. After all, you did not kill her husband.

God lives in the eyes of that child who is being flogged and chased out of school every day. You fold your arms and watch while your pocket is heavy with coins because in your words, ‘he is not my child, anyone who gives birth should train his or her child’.

God lives in the beggars you see in rags at the front of the worship place or beside the market but your fingers are too heavy for you to lift, put in your pocket and drop a few notes in their bowel.

This is because you don’t know if they are truly beggars. You have heard tales of men who dropped money for beggars and disappeared. Fear is eating your heart out and prevented you from giving.

God lives in the soul woman with whom you haggle prices with at the market. The poor old woman who treks a long distance to the market, the young woman who is her family’s only hope of feeding, the ones you haggle price with without being bothered if they make any gain from the sale.

God lives in the tears of that young man, the one who is in deep trouble, the one that has been accused of a crime. You know of a way to help him, to get him the services of a Lawyer (you might even be a lawyer yourself) but you choose not to do it because you don’t want to help ‘a criminal’. You make yourself a Judge, an unfair Judge for without hearing his matter, you adjudicate and condemn him.

God lives in the tears which drip from the eyes of that young woman, the one who drowns her pillow in the salty lake at night, whom you avoid and do not respond to her greetings because she is a prostitute. You do not care and never cared to understand why she is into such business.

God lives in the pains of that child, woman who is being abused, physically and sexually. You see it, you glue your lips and claim to be minding your business.

God doesn’t just live in those I mentioned above and many others whom I did not mention, he is them, God is us. Because we are created in God’s image, God is you and God in them.

He manifests in our actions, how we treat others, how deeply we care, how far we can go to lend a helping hand when it is needed, how we learn to be patient to listen to the woes of others without drumming their ears with how unfortunate they are and how you cannot help them before their condition will transfer to you.

Don’t look far for God. Don’t go round the world looking for the gates of God’s abode. Never forget, God is all of us. He lives in us…

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