PDP Disappointed in Nnamdi Kanu … for Threats to southeast Governors…OYC Says IPOB Leaders Deceiving Igbo Youths

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PDP Disappointed in Nnamdi Kanu … for Threats to southeast Governors…OYC Says IPOB Leaders Deceiving Igbo Youths

By Oginyi Ruth

People’s Democratic Party, Ebonyi says the self-acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s threat to southeast Governors especially Governor David Umahi was out of desperation to enrich himself, an act that he can’t achieve.

In a statement signed by the PDP chairman, Ebonyi State, Barr. Onyekachi Nwebonyi, PDP said Mazi Kanu had expected the Southeast Governors to sponsor him financially but his expectations failed, hence his desperation to attack Igbo leaders overseas.

“The threat by the IPOB to attack the governors of the Southeast Geopolitical Zone and particularly, Ebonyi State governor, Engr. Chief David Umahi, whenever they travel abroad, is punk and cowardly.”

“It is a threat out of desperation by people who thought they could use the Biafra agenda for self-enrichment. Unfortunately, the shenanigan did not pay off on the home front, though the Igbos in the diasporas fall prey.”

“IPOB is not fighting for the actualization of Biafra and the name of the organization suggests no such objective. Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the group is just out to make money from Igbo politicians and businessmen.

“He had thought he would get the governors and other politicians in the South East to be funding his activities but that was not happening. His recent approach of attacking Igbo politicians who travel abroad arose from that unmet expectation. He is not genuine in his agitation. There are valiant men at home who could support him if he is genuine, but he rather chose to rely on miscreants whom he can easily deceive.”

“If Nnamdi Kanu is a genuine freedom fighter, he should have taken a cue from notable freedom fighters, some of who even paid the supreme price for their course. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison in his struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa. He never ran away from his country. Martin Luther King Jnr. was imprisoned 30 times in his struggle to end racial segregation in America, and even laid down his life for that course.”

“He never ran away from his country. Jomo Kenyatta served 9 years in prison for his agitation for Kenya’s independence. He never ran away but stood firm to later serve Kenya 15 years as president.”
“Kanu should have stayed back to press home his demand for the emancipation of the marginalized people of Biafra. That is why I call him a coward. He should also remember that the Igbos are not the only people of Biafra.”

“And again, mentioning the governor of Ebonyi State for attack abroad shows that what the group wants is far from the emancipation of the Igbo people. It is laughable that instead of Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB to direct their vengeance of the Operation Python Dance II towards President Buhari and the Nigerian Army, they ungratefully and cowardly chose to attack the very persons that saw to it that Kanu was released from prison. That is really cowardly and barbaric.”

PDP challenged Nnamdi Kanu to return home and access the performance of the Governors.
“Governor Umahi is not a governor that junkets foreign lands ignoring his people. The transformation he has given Ebonyi State clearly shows that if all the governors of the southeast had acted in the same way over the years, the region would have been a destination of some sort by now.

The infrastructural development going on in Ebonyi State is a clear indication that Governor Umahi does not deserve unfair treatment by any group whatsoever.”
“I, therefore, call on Nnamdi Kanu to come back home and assess the performances of the southeast governors so he would know exactly what his grievances are.”

IPOB Leader Deceiving Igbo Youths
Meanwhile, Ohanaeze Youth Council Worldwide( OYC) has warned Igbo youths to be wary of the deceitful antics of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whom he said was enjoying his life in London while his so-called supporters are suffering in Nigeria.

The group said IPOB as a group is not a true defender of Ndigbo as they are volatile in nature.
A release by the deputy president general of the pan Igbo youth sociocultural organization, Comrade Obinna Achionye warned Igbo youths living in Japan and Asia to disregard the order emanating from IPOB to attack President Muhammadu Buhari at the seventh Tokyo international conference on African development holding in the city of Yokohama from August 28-30th 2019 in Japan.

According to Achionye, IPOB has gradually lost the consciousness as a defender of Igbos, now ranking as a violent group capable of carrying arms in the nearby future
The statement read, “It is suicidal and foolishness that someone will never participate in assault proposed by him against President Buhari in Japan, and directs gullible Igbo youths to risk jail in Japan and repatriation, while he enjoys in London.”

“Asia countries are not like Europe where someone will engage in activities against a visiting African President without heavy sanction and punishment by the host country. So, we call on Igbos staying in Japan to remember that Igbos are not traditionally violent people and will never identify with terrorism.”

The statement further disassociated the group from what it termed rented crowd led by an Enugu lawmaker that welcomed Ekweremadu at the Akanu Indian International Airport in Enugu.

“We wish to disassociate ourselves from the rented crowd that received Ike Ekweremadu, the former deputy Senate president, at Enugu airport. Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide observed that a desperate Enugu lawmaker from Ezeagu Local Government Area who is a stooge of Ekweremadu in Enugu state house of assembly went to Onitsha main market and Obete Enugu market to persuade touts and beggars to masquerade as Ohanaeze youths to give the impression that Igbo Youths give Ekweremadu a rousing welcome.”

“But contrary to his expectations, he was betrayed by a lack of communication skills exhibited by a 60 years old man parading himself as a youth leader. Though we still condemn the attack on Ekweremadu in Germany, we are not involved in the deceitful outing. We will sanction the lawmaker appropriately”, he assured.


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