Ebonyi Govt to Train Teachers To Improve Teaching In Ebonyi…Call for Redistribution of Teachers

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Ebonyi Govt to Train Teachers To Improve Teaching In Ebonyi…Call for Redistribution of Teachers
By Oginyi Ruth

Ebonyi State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Steve Odoh said the state government would embark on teachers’ training to improve in teaching and called for the redistribution of teachers in both primary and secondary schools to make up for the inadequacy of teachers in the state.

He observed that the problem of the state is not a shortage of teachers but the uneven distribution of the teachers.
Odoh said the justification for the training is that greater number of teachers in Ebonyi state does not possess the basic teaching qualification and are not qualified to teach.

Odoh, who disclosed this in Abakaliki, on Tuesday during a stakeholder meeting in the ministry, observed that government alone cannot solve the problem of education in the state and he opined that through an alternative education funding model, support can be elicited from stakeholders to provide basic infrastructure and facilities in schools.

According to him, despite efforts by the Umahi-led administration to bequeath qualitative education to Ebonyi citizens, the expected desired result had not been achieved, especially when compared with other states in the South East.

He said, “The ministry intends to embark on training/retraining of teachers using our local resource, the faculty of education in EBSU, Ebonyi state college of education, and indigenous professionals, many of whom have expressed their willingness to contribute to the development of education sector in Ebonyi state.”

“This will not only enhance the skills of teachers, but it will also act as a motivation to them. The justification of this is that greater numbers of teachers do not possess the basic training qualification.”

“Technically, they are not qualified to teach. While they are encouraged to acquire the needed teaching qualifications in the long term, the ministry will use in-house training to enhance their skills and competencies in the short term and medium terms in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the system.”

“The ministry of education will organize the Ebonyi state education summit in the first week of December to draw support from stakeholders towards building functional and qualitative education in Ebonyi state.

It will be an advocacy summit where the state of our education and the vision of the governor will be unveiled”, he disclosed.
The commissioner maintained that through public-private community partnership (PPCP), the government would garner the needed funding to support what the government is doing.

“The idea here is for the community to have a sense of ownership of schools located in their community. The ministry intends to engage communities and their illustrious sons and daughters living in or outside their communities on the need to support government efforts in raising quality education in their localities”, he stated.
Dr. Odoh further call for redistribution of teachers in both primary and secondary schools so that the government will get the total ratio and lift the embargo for employment if need be.

“Data analysis carried out in the ministry shows that the teacher-student ratio in the secondary schools is 1:27, that is, 27 students per teacher. In the primary schools, the ratio is 1:40, which is 1 teacher to 40 pupils.

“While the secondary school is above the national standard, the primary school is still within the national standard. Shortage of teachers is not really the problem. What is needed is the redistribution of teachers across schools and the employment of new ones in core subject areas.”

Permanent Secretary-designate of the ministry, Mrs. Ogonna Ezoke and Secretary SEB, Lady Franca Egwu, in their submissions, called for collaboration among stakeholders of the sector to achieve the goal.


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