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Living an Exemplary Life

Little did I know I’ll fall a victim of living an exemplary life, a few minutes after I had corrected a boy who was listening to songs that has vulgar lyrics.

The boy was listening to series of songs on his mp3 as he lip-sings the lyrics of the songs, but the song’s lyric was vulgar, though he doesn’t know the meaning of the lyrics since he speaks a different language.

I corrected the poor boy not to listen to such songs again since it was ungodly songs, not just because it is ungodly, as a pastor’s son he shouldn’t listen to much music so that other church member would not have words in their mouth to wash him down.

I told him that he needed to live an exemplary life, especially to everyone because they are looking up to him to “live the bible” since some of them are not reading the bible again.

The boy argued with me, he was enraged to argue longer because he had a supporter in his argument, but I stood my ground and advised him since I wasn’t there to argue with him. The boy stopped the song since I interpreted the lyrics for him with the village language inside it. He admitted that the lyrics were vulgar and stopped the song. But he never admit that others were ungodly.

Fast forward the time when I became a victim of my own creation. I don’t listen to some kinds of music because of its lyrics, but I fell in love with music with love lyrics, my favorites are
“my African Queen” “Oloomi” “Treasure” but the best of my favorite are series of Westlife songs with love lyrics like “Queen of my life, sole dad, Angels wings, can’t lose what you never had, change the world” to mention but few.

I decide to have a “me” time some hours after I corrected the boy and I started playing my songs. Immediately I started playing it, guilty conscience rocked my heart, it hit me like thunder and lightning that struck me strongly. The more I kept playing the song, the more I felt guilty, even though neither the boy nor the people around felt the kind of guilt that struck me.

Nobody said a thing but the longer I listened to the song the longer the guilt kept coming until I stopped it. The first that I heard in my head immediately the guilt began was “are you living an exemplary life?”

Chai! I felt bad, an exemplary life as I tried to ponder on it, I remember I used to send text messages to youths in my church to attend youth rehearsals on Wednesday evening, but I couldn’t attend that meeting because I have to go for an outside work that will take me out from that Wednesday till Friday.

Unknown to them of my unavailability, they castigated and criticized me that I don’t attend the meeting I invite them to. After ruminating on these thoughts I had to let go, and my love for such music diminished not because of any other thing but because I want to live an exemplary life unto the young boys and the girls who were with him and be able to have the courage to correct others.

Is there any charge you are bent on making, is there any vice you intend to correct? Is there a right path you are advising others to thread? Is there a right way you want others to talk, live, eat, drink, play, etc? there is only one way out, live an exemplary life and others will follow suit.

What does it mean to live an exemplary life? Living an exemplary life means living a life that serves as an example unto others, especially those that are subordinate to someone, one’s children, younger ones or followers to a leader.

Who are the people that need to live an exemplary life? Mothers for their daughters, fathers for their sons, because children look up to their parents as per their gender.

Teachers to students, pastors to congregations, leaders to followers, husbands to wives, wives to husbands, a boss to the employer, the list is endless.

Why do they need to live an exemplary life? Because they advise the ones on which way to go and how to do some certain things, but for that to be effective, the leader/head should learn to do what he/she is telling others to do.

For instance, a father or mother that teaches the child never to fight, quarrel or abuse people, but are at the forefront of the daily fight with neighbors, abusing them and calling them different names. And at the slightest error, they quarrel anyone who is ready to give it to them hot.

How can such parents’ children not fight, quarrel or abuse people? They will do even worse if care is not taken. It will only take the grace of God for such children to be submissive and humble.

When the higher authority passes information, order or directives to the younger ones or their subordinates, the subordinates will set a trap to know whether their head will fall into the same pit he had dug for them.

If you want to make changes in life, you need to live an exemplary life.
If you want to get things done quickly, start it yourself and others will follow suit, they are looking up to you and the path you thread, others behind you will follow.

Don’t just teach the right path, thread the right path


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