Cultism: Community Embarks On Spiritual Cleansing

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By Oginyi Ruth

Following the evil activities of suspected cultists in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, elders drawn from the 16 communities of the local government have gathered at Obodo Amananta, a sacred area to perform a special ceremony, calling on the gods of the land to deal decisively with anyone perpetrating cultism, sponsoring native war and other social vices.

Some communities in the council area were greeted with violence resulting in the disappearance of 4 youths and alleged killing of 10 persons by unidentified hoodlums.

Speaking during the ritual at Ngbo/Izziah Cultural Centre, Chairman of Ohaukwu Local Government Area, Hon. Clement Odah, said the exercise was to test the sincerity of the inhabitants of the area and to ensure lasting peace. He said they were working assiduously to make Ohaukwu safe.

Hon. Odah said the elders of the clans and traditional rulers in Ohaukwu Local Government Area gathered to make a proclamation against people that are involved in cultism, promotion of native war and those that are involved in any form of bloodshed.

He further explained that the essence of the exercise is to mark the climax of peace and security in Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

He said, “The essence of the exercise is to mark the climax of peace and security in Ohaukwu local government area. A lot of things have been done. We have called several meetings, set up a lot of structures, campaigned and worked very hard to make sure that Ohaukwu becomes the safest Local Government Area in Ebonyi state.”

“And by the grace of God, apart from recent development in Agila/Ngbo axis, the Local Government Area has become very peaceful.

It is almost like a model. But we decided that we must test the sincerity of everybody, so we called for this traditional ceremony. This place is called Obodo Amanita. It is not a place you will come and tell lies. It is a place every man’s honesty is tested.”

“The essence is to capture the spiritual aspect of our fight against cultism, inter communal war and all forms of social vices. So today, we have reached the climax of the crusade of all manner of bloodshed and Ohaukwu will become a different place from today, and that is our reason of gathering here for this ceremony. It is a very solemn ceremony and it cannot be taken for granted.”
“We have given proper warning. Not less than two months ago we were singing it like a song. So everybody is aware of it. The elders, traditional rulers, and politicians. In fact, everybody is aware”, he noted.

Chairman of traditional rulers’ council in Ohaukwu Local Government Area, Eze John Ogeh, the traditional ruler of Okposhi Eheku, who noted that the ceremony became necessary as a way cleansing the area of evil.

He said, “As elders, we have a way of doing things and what we have done here today is to cleanse our land from all forms of social vices. We warned them to desist from doing evil that the communities would gather for this ceremony.”


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