Why You Should Avoid Online Dating Applications

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Numerous people have taken solace in using online applications to meet their spouses. While some use these applications for real reasons, other people might have secret ideas that can accidentally cause harm to others using it. There have been different thoughts on the safety of using dating applications, while some believe it is safe; others think it is not advisable.

Below are reasons why you should avoid online dating applications:

Hackers can take hold of your profile

According to this infographic, done by IBM security, hackers can use your profile to do the following:

  • Get control of your camera to spy on you
  • Listen in to confidential conversations
  • Find out where you live
  • Impersonate you
  • Get your credit card information from your application details.

Doing any of the above can affect you.


You can get addicted to the use of online dating applications, and this will make you get used to shallow conversations and validation. Most online applications have an addictive quality about it, and this is not a good thing for your mental health.

Not safe

It is not everyone on the applications wants to date; some are there to kidnap, kill, or even rape. It is difficult to ascertain what someone you cannot see wants even if they assure you they are up to something good. When on dating applications, you can meet with people who do not have your interest at heart, and this is bad for you.

Can reduce your self-confidence

Getting rejected on a dating app repeatedly can lower your self-esteem and prevent you from making efforts to go out for real dates outside using the app. Online dating used to be for the shy people who didn’t have luck going out and meeting other people, but now online dating sites and dating apps are overrun with people who have excellent social skills and are not looking for a shy person with low confidence.

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