8 Ways to Handle Relationship Crises (2)

8 Ways to Handle Relationship Crises (2)

Mentor: This is particularly for husbands. Patiently nurture and mentor your wife. You may not really be in charge of ‘YOUR WIFE’ until she begins to imbibe your ideas. Your wife should see you as a man of principles (goodly and Godly principles).

When your wife begins to quote you and imbibe your way of life…your home will be heaven on earth. This is not to say you will need to be more intelligent or educated than your wife but as far as your family and your household are concerned, be ahead!

Mutual submission: Treat one another reverently, preferentially, decently and with high esteem. Recognize and treat your wife for who she is, Treasure! In the Bible, a woman is referred to as ‘Wisdom’ personified. Consequently, a man must not despise wisdom, the wife.

So, treat her and let her behave like one. Never despise her and her wisdom. And every woman must strive to be nothing less. Create an atmosphere for her to showcase her very best.

Seek the guidance of those you respect: There may come a time where a trusted third party becomes necessary in order to quench the fire of crises and misunderstanding between couples. It is a good idea to involve someone that your spouse looks up to. This is a person that your spouse respects and will listen to, provide advice and help solve any problems.

Pray: Involve your maker. Prayerfully commit and handover your spouse to God. Even if you think everything is going well for you and your marriage, praise and pray! And where you think everything is otherwise, pray! When you have implemented and executed the above points, but yet there is no positive result, pray! And where you see things changing as desired; praise and thank God for it.

Where you think you have exhausted all avenues and means to make your relationship work, pray earnestly! Where you think reasons, endurance, long-suffering, patience, and everything has failed, prayer has never failed. If you think all your effort is in futility and there is no human remedy, try the divine remedy.

Try the power of prayer. It has never failed and it cannot start failing. Permit me to quote this way, ‘the prayer of a righteous spouse avails much!’ Pray and pray again, you will never regret doing so.


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