The Reality of Devil and Its Operations

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The Reality of Devil and Its Operations

By Anachunam Ifeoma

On my bed at night, I woke up at the shouts emanating from the loudspeakers. As I listened, I realized it is not coming from one source. One side was shouting Holy Ghost fire, the other “I command, bind and neutralize you……” and yet another “I rise against all the principalities and powers, all the demonic attacks……

” As I listened more, I could vividly tell it was different groups praying in their places of worship, praying against the devil, its attacks and agents.

On my bed still, I sat, I started reflecting, what is wrong with this devil? When will he be cast out so that he will leave human beings alone? Where exactly is his abode?

Where does he launch his attack and hides when pursued? Notably, no one wants the devil; everyone cast him out with every seriousness and determination. Yet, the devil is everywhere, he refuses to die or even go away and its attack is multiplying every day.

From my younger days, I have been hearing about casting out the devil, people have been keeping vigils, doing all sorts of fasting, both dry and wet fasting, why does it seem like the devil and its evil works are multiplying?

No doubt, the devil is a reality, he exists and he’s operating in the world as St Peter says “….looking for whom to devour…” but the children of God; the Christians are praying, why hasn’t our numerous prayers succeeded in destroying the devil?

The truths we must know is that the devil exists as the personification of evil in different structures. Devil is not a person as human beings but a spirit being, and as a spirit, it finds its operation through man by deeds termed evil. Some passages of the scripture give evidence of this; the book of Genesis told us of how Adam and Eve were deceived by the devil.

The devil used the serpent to deceive Eve who in turn influenced Adam in eating the forbidden fruit, the devil is an intelligent spirit and that is how it operates in our minds/hearts, if we allow him.

Good and evil are in a permanent war in the conscience of man, and that is why St. Paul cries out in Romans 7:15 “the good I desire to do, I do not do. The evil I hate to do is what readily comes easily at hand…”(JB)
And Jesus in the gospel declares “from the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, false testimonies, blasphemies…..and they defile a man” – Matt.15:19-20

Therefore, if this is true that the devil uses humans to carry out his atrocities, it is now of utmost importance that we be spiritually awake, just as St. Paul exhorts the Thessalonians in 1Thess.5:1-10,

“We should not give the devil any opportunity to devour us nor allow him to use us to devour others” (1Peter.5:8). Unless we take time to look into our lives, monitor the orderings of our lives, the desires of the heart and its ambitions, in vain do we shout Holy Ghost fire.

Isaiah 55:7 “Let the impious one abandon his way, the iniquitous man his thoughts, let him return to the Lord who will take pity on him…” If we do this, there will be less evil in the world. Even if there are legions of devil, it will be easily cast out because the Lord is our Light and we are walking in and with that light (Jesus Himself).

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