Community Goes Tough on Incestuous Father

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By Oginyi Ruth

A middle-aged man, Oko Nwachi, a fisherman from Ezi Egwu in Enohia Itim community in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has been publicly flogged at Ekeolu playground for allegedly impregnating his 16-year-old daughter and aborted the baby for her.

He was flogged in public by youths of the community under the supervision of elders of the community and after the beating; the community also penalized him with another punishment called Nkpo-Nkpo which is the worst disgrace one could suffer in Ehugbo land.

Nkpo- Nkpo is an act of packing refuse and body waste from the public toilet and dumping in one’s house by the community.

It was alleged that Oko had impregnated her first daughter for 3 consecutive times and secretly aborted the pregnancies but his atrocities were revealed last week Monday when bees came and took over a tree in their family house, a sign which according to Afikpo culture, signifies danger.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that after the bees came and left, elders of Ezi Egwu went to a seer and it was revealed that Oko has been sleeping with his daughter among other evils he has committed.

Incestuous Father

They immediately came back and questioned him during which he kept mute but the girl revealed that her father had called her to come and help him shave his private part during which he forced himself on her and since then have been having carnal knowledge of her.

An act she can’t remember when it started but said she got pregnant and the father helped her to remove it without anyone knowing.

When Citizens’ Advocate visited the community, the accused had fled his home, while the wife returned to her father’s house with her children.

Five able-bodied prison inmates were hired to come and pack the refuse because of the offensive odor in the environment.

A close neighbor who spoke to our correspondent off camera said, “Nkpo Nkpo is the highest form of public disgrace. He is my age mate but started life early, the child in question is the child he got when he was much younger. Acting this way is the worst for him; he is just a young man.”

“I’m disappointed in him for allowing the devil to use him, I don’t think he will come back to this community, you know women packed shit into his personal room and you can see how everywhere is filled with an offensive odor.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Odah Loveth said her office is not aware of the report.

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