Influence without Affluence (2)

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“Yes, money is not everything but one still needs at least small” I heard it from him. “How can I be wretched as I am to step out to help others?”

I remember that Ophra Winfrey once said “whether you flounder or flourish it’s always in your hands—you are the single biggest influence in your life. Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out and live fully” yes! It is all about the decision, a decision to touch lives, to refuse to be weighed down and dominated by the ugly forces and situations of life.

The most touching example of people with influence without affluence is Sindhutai. She was born poor, raised poor, and married poorly. She was a victim of oppression, hunger, injustice and all kinds of man’s inhumanity to man. “My path in life was all thorns, I have embraced those thorns and made them friends, the thorns, in turn, has made my life beautiful and with that beauty, I beautify others,” she said. What a charm!!! She befriended and transformed her thorns into blessings to others. She experienced hatred, homelessness, starvation, and rejection, but she provides shelter, food, warmth and love to so many.

She was able to achieve this unimaginable acts because she has within her, human compassion, human hearts. She rose beyond her present condition, she believed in her God-given inner power and allowed it to spur her to action. She was a woman with a golden heart, a woman with a heart of love, warmth, mercy, and compassion.


Influence without Affluence

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In fact, in her we see that the power of love, of compassion, is far greater than anything money can do or achieve. People with affluence can only be philanthropist given out of their wealth and never of their human-fullness. Influential people give their own soul, they make others important and motivate them to live their life to the fullest.

“Nothing that occurred in your life can have any influence over you except the influence that you allow it to have,” said Brian Tracy. Sindhutai here becomes the spotlight, the shining example of one who did not allow her sufferings, her brokenness to weigh her down or crush her.

To be influential, to touch lives, we must be ready to share our whole selves with others. We must inspire them with our lives, our compassion, our love, and our warmth. Sindhutai at the worse moment of her depression got inspiration from a broken branch.

The branch was severely bruised/cut, it was held by a tiny part that remains yet it gives her shelter. Then she reasoned “if this branch so much bruised can shelter me from the scorching sun, I too in my brokenness can contribute to other broken lives of others”.

Therefore, she courageously set out to gather the broken ones like her. She is not rich, there is no trace of affluence in her life nor her family yet she became influential and brought smiles to so many faces.

Let our pains, our struggles, our wants not to discourage us rather let it inspire us to action. Let it be a stepping stone for us to touch lives, to being a channel of hope, of blessing to others. If we do this, we too will by our heart of love, our compassionate heart influence our society without really being affluent.

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