Villagers on the Run … Over Sacrificial Casket

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By Okereke Wilson Ogbonnaya

Some residents of Ogbaga village in Okposhi Umuoghara Autonomous Community, on Monday morning 23d September 2019 allegedly deserted their homes for the unknown after a white coffin suspected to have been used as an offertory to a deity was kept in the area by unknown persons along Abakaliki/Enugu Expressway.

A resident of the area, Mr. Ote Isaac told our reporter who visited the scene that on a fateful day, three hefty men suddenly drove down to the scene with white Toyota Hilux, stopped and pretended as if they were trying to fix their broken-down vehicle.

Villagers on the Run


He said that while one of the men was busy starring intently under that Hilux, the other 2 men hurriedly brought down the casket in a manner that one could easily assume that it was the cause of the problem or the weight.

According to him, as soon as they dropped the casket, they boarded their vehicle and zoomed off, keeping the residents in a state of bewilderment hoping that the people would come back until it eventually dawned on them that the men’s act was intentional.

Mrs. Martina Nnabuife, a resident told us that the casket was conspicuously kept in a manner that it would easily cause serious fear, alleging that the sacrifice could not be unconnected with the land-related issue.

Mr. John Ayaobo, a petty trader in the area said that the fetish act might be to save the life of a sick person traditionally but queried why it was deposit in an open place.

Mr. Chidiebere Simon, a commercial motorcycle operator said that the outward appearance of the men was not far from that of ritualists or yahoo boys and thereby claimed that the sacrifice was wealth oriented to end of the year.

We learned that the coffin contained a piece of white handkerchief and some piece of fresh palm fronds


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