Commissioner Inspects Schools in Ishielu…Suspends Drunk Teacher

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“Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner of the house,” So the saying goes and for that reason, six teachers in public schools have entered into the cold wind whistle of the Ebonyi State Education Commissioner during an unscheduled school inspection in some schools in Ishielu Local Government Area.

The newly appointed Commissioner for Education, Dr. Onyebuchi Chima in a press release expressed sadness over the gross misconduct of teachers in both primary and secondary schools across the state.

The commissioner, who described the nonchalant attitude of teachers as negligence to their statutory duty which will adversely affect the children’s academic performance, noted that the apparent complacent approach of those teachers who engage in other businesses is virtually at the detriment of the children they were employed to nurture for a better society.

Dr. Chima asserted that education in Ebonyi state is no longer a business as usual, henceforth the Government of Chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi will not take the issue of ghost workers lightly with anybody.

He therefore directed that those teachers who were said to be residing outside the state and abandoned their duties to appear in his office for interrogation.

The Commissioner vowed to pay all the defaulters in their own coins.

He pronounced the immediate suspension of one Mr. Okafor Christian, a teacher in Girls High School Ezillo whom the Commissioner and his team met staggering in the influence of alcohol to the extent he couldn’t recognize the presence of the inspectorate team as at the early hour of 9.45 am.

Dr. Chima further expressed disappointment at Community Secondary School Nkalagu where some teachers were met on their way home at 10.59 am without doing anything to justify the monthly salaries they receive, while some were sitting and chatting under trees.

The Commissioner, however, commended Mr. Onigbinde Oyetunde, Principal in Community Boys Secondary School, Ezillo and those at Community Nursery and Primary Schools Imoha Nkalagu where serious teaching and learning were taking place in a beautifully designed and neatly kept school environment.


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