Lost But Found Child…Ministry Wants Family to Come for Collection

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Lost But Found ChildThe Head of Department (HOD), Ebonyi State Child Development, under the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Mr. Godwin Igwe has called on parents and relatives of a 4-year-old boy said to have been found at Ishieke Junction for collection.

Mr. Igwe made this known to newsmen on Wednesday 9th October 2019 in Abakaliki as he disclosed that the child who could not explain himself was seen in a situation that clearly indicated that he was completely out of parental custody, and was picked by a Good Samaritan.

He said that the woman who picked him discovered that the child could not say anything that could be comprehended, let alone identifying himself. To save him from possible dangers ranging from child trafficking, ritual killing, road accident among others, she brought him to the ministry for temporary custody.

Mr. Igwe told us that the essence of the publicity was targeted at creating awareness over the boy’s whereabouts so that his parents could come for his collection, stating that before any other step could be taken; an official report would be made at Juvenile section of Ebonyi State police Headquarters before custody would be provided for the child.

Mr. Igwe appealed to members of the public to provide the ministry with the necessary information so that relatives of the missing boy could be traced, advising parents to stop abandoning their children for whatsoever reason as such act exposes them to too many hazards.

He added that in any circumstance, such as madness that appears to be beyond parents towards taking care of their children, that the ministry should be made known and warned that anyone found in the obnoxious act of abandoning child would be handled in accordance with the law.


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