Meet Mbam Kennedy, the Boy with Creative Hands

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Mbam KennedyEbonyi State abounds with people with both dexterity and aesthetic hands and minds. Starting from the number one citizen, the Governor who under four years turned the state capital Abakaliki into a Las Vegas of sort, which made me write and ask: “am I still in Abuja?”, that was after I had returned from the Federal Capital City, Abuja, where I had gone to receive award from my erstwhile students.

It happened that I got to Abuja in the night and was warmly welcomed into a bubbling, well-lighted city only to return to Ebonyi in the night also to meet the condition akin to what I saw at Abuja, hence the question; “am I still in Abuja?” And to corroborate that, the other time I visited my village Nteje in Anambra State, the Sapienza Radio station at Onitsha which is the most vibrant radio, competing with over ten radio stations in Anambra. The Sapienza Radio was taking a vote for the best Governor in the South of Nigeria.

I would confess that most callers during the period voted the Ebonyi State Governor – Apostle Dr. David Nweze Umahi, as the best and of course, followed by Anambra State Governor – Mr. 23 over 23, Ebekue Dike of Igbo land, Dr. Willie Obiano.


This is a result of the exhibition of an aesthetic mind that brought about a beautiful city. Now the other time when I went to the Abakpa Market, I saw people gathered watching a boy of about 14 years controlling a “jeep model car that moves forth and back with lightning system all working in the little jeep and I reported it, calling the attention of the government to catch these Dave Umahis, Bill Gates’, Jeff Bezos, etc., young and in future, Ebonyi stands to gain from them.

So the other day, when I was relaxing with my oga – the Editor, Mr. Charly Igwegbu, when this boy sauntered to the place; with a complete lady’s motorcycle made of carton material with a headlamp that lights when switched on and trafficators that work when put on.

Then Charlie said that the aesthetic Governor is now recognizing these talented hands in the state and he is having a place for them somewhere. He then asked the boy to come on a date to St. Theresa’s Advocate Newspaper Office for proper documentation.

His name is Master Mbam Kennedy. He is 12 years old and is in primary 6. On where he learned the job? He retorted he learned it from his elder brother who constructs various things ranging from vehicles that move to some sophisticated buildings etc. He hails from Izzi, precisely Onuebonyi Junction. He was with his friend Master Osinachi Eze who also claimed he could do the same things as Kennedy. They are both in primary school and want to become engineers in the future.

I really commend the aesthetic Governor for gathering them, for I am sure they will make Ebonyi proud as he the Governor is doing now. Only time will tell, as Mamam Vatsa would say on his execution day.


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