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Prayer is the Key Presented by Rev. Fr. Adolphus Nwandu – Capuchin

Rev. Fr. Capuchin Nwandu is synonymous with our Lady’s Birthday and convention. This writer cannot place his face but if he speaks in the next door, I will recognize his voice as a result of having heard him often in the convention.

His absence could be likened to saying that vulture did not come to where an idol is being sacrificed to.

It was on that joyous morning – the 8th of September after presenting a bouquet of flowers to Our dear Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary and I was seeing my coordinator off, Dr. Ugwu who wants to rush back to attend to an important issue, that the sound system boomed stating that a talk is about to start. Then I quickly rushed back to capture it.

Capuchin Nwandu started by saying that Prayer is the key. It is the center. A slave of love is a prayerful person, contending that it is like breathing. If breathing ceases, life is no more. And so, there can be no true Christian life without prayers. It is about God and your relationship with God. Prayer, in order words, is having relationship with God.

He quoted St. Francis says, “God has become our brother and once we lose sight of prayer, our membership of God is useless.”

He further stated that prayers show how one understands God – God of compassionate love. He said that prayer is about a relationship that we use God to achieve, urging that as we pray, it should change us, noting that until one changes with the power God has given us, the relationship will not be stabilized. He chided us that everything in us resists the love of Calvary, but life comes therefrom. He quoted John 13 where Jesus wiped the foot of his servants – which is called the prayer of towel and water.

He stated that Lord Jesus taught us to pray, Our father – which means that our relationship will change because all are now our brothers and sisters, we must come to terms with everybody as he gives us this day – all of us, no exception.


He asked what PUSH means? The Adoration people replied that it is Pray Until Something Happens which means pray until God’s will is accomplished. Fr. Nwandu quoted Mt 26:39 where Jesus fell on the ground to ask father to let the cup pass Him by, but, nevertheless, it is the father’s will that shall prevail.

Fr. Nwandu said that Mary has been called a model of a true disciple – a true slave who prays contemplatively with heart and mind. And so, people must learn to pray like Mary, as her greatest virtue is constant prayer, contending that she has a reflective heart and a listening heart also.

According to him, “Our prayers must transform our lives further”. He contended that the soul of all our activities of life should reflect in prayers. And to start praying, one must do away with any type of idols we have in us, stating that we worship the idols without realizing their presence in us, urging that we must follow God through pain, rejection or whatever.

He cited an example with Mother Theresa of Calcutta who perceived in pain and at the core of our prayer, there must be love as a guiding factor, which leads us to confidence in God where one can say pray until something happens.

He said that in Mt. 14: 22 Jesus left the crowd to go to the hills and pray. But on his way back He walked on the river. When the disciples saw Him, they became afraid and Jesus urged them to have the courage for it is Him. Peter asked, “if it is you, ask me to come” and Jesus asked him to come, but as he moved towards Jesus, his faithlessness subdued him, and as he began to sink, Jesus stretched out a helping hand and said you have so little faith, why did you doubt? Take a limp of faith.

On the best way to pray, Rev. Fr. Nwandu said that the best way to pray is the way that works for you better, contending that “our prayer should make us prayerful”.

He urged Christians to always adopt the spirit of listening in our hearts, that God is there, saying that prayer is the master key to all our problems on earth.

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