Wisdom today-Three Things Marriage Will Do For You

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When people say marriage is good. They say it for different reasons; such as sex, companionship, riches, wealth, respect, honor, dignity, influence and affluence, etc. that accompany it. On the flip-side, when people say marriage impairs – they have their reasons. Although in my humble opinion, reasons for the latter do not outweigh the benefits of marriage.

Amongst other things, marriage provides the platform for companionship, fellowship, and fulfillment. That is, if you have found purpose and launched into your purpose, you need a partner or spouse to complement, assist, and join hands with you to accelerate your progress. Generically, marriage will have 3-dimensional effects;

Marriage DEFINES you!

Marriage brings a paradigm shift from singleness to being in a union. It defines and redefines you as the true you become evident in marriage. You may pretend, but marriage will expose the real you. Marriage is a parameter to measure, assess and evaluate your status and how well you are, and how well you are doing. To an extent, it defines how far you will go in life.

It defines your progression, relationships, and general well-being. Marriage defines and determines your associations, circle of friends, network, capacity to retain, regain and sustains. Marriage defines you. It defines, describes, designs and decorates you.

Marriage REFINES you!

Marriage refines. It takes from you and adds to you. For many, marriage molds them by its various challenges and its stark realities. Many never knew, nor experienced the bitter and/or better side of life until marriage. Marriage improves, builds and boosts your public image. Marriage purifies you from certain characters, manners, and behaviors.

Marriage makes you work on your attitude, the way you carry yourself.

Marriage changes you. It takes away certain things from you and takes you away from certain things.

Marriage fine-tunes you. Marriage teaches you to tolerate and celebrate the differences you see in your spouse. Marriage makes you adjust.

Marriage sharpens your focus. It reorganizes, repositions and tailors your priorities.

Many would not have been fulfilled but for marriage and the continuous support of their spouse.

You may need to play the fool/stooge sometimes for peace to rule or reign in your marriage.

Marriage SUSTAINS You

Why do people find it difficult to maintain a balanced life physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, socially, financially, businesswise and professionally after a divorce? Why do many lack motivation, focus, concentration and energy in the workplace? The answer is simple, loneliness kills.

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. Naturally, a time comes in the life of individuals where parental and friends’ welfare, care and love will not be enough to keep you. A time comes when all the resources at your disposal and in your custody mean nothing to you until you have someone to share with.

A time comes when your joy, happiness, peace, success, motivation, and inspiration is tied to a soul mate. The joy, happiness, harmony, affection, influence, affluence, passion, companionship, friendliness, and compatibility enjoyed in marriage; sustains and keeps you all the time.

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