Man Beaten To Comatose At Umuezeukwu Village

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Movements of Umuezeukwu village in Igboeze Onicha Autonomous community, in Onicha LGA, penultimate weekend appeared disorderly following reactions of some residents over the life of Mr. Nwani Njoku commonly called “social” who became unconscious after being beaten blue-black by one Mr. Eke Nwomabe.

A resident of the area, Mr. Eze Christopher told our reporter that the problem was caused by the victim’s alleged drinking habit through which he unconsciously offended his attacker, Mr. Nwomabe who then angrily descended on him until he fainted.

He disclosed that after the accused person had pounced heavily on the victim, he became alarmed when he noticed that the man had slipped into a coma prompting him and few other persons to take the victim for medical treatment.

In the process of taking him for treatment, they abandoned him on their way and went into hiding for fear that he may not wake up from his unconsciousness.

According to Mr. Eze, when news of the incident filtered into the air, the residents who were not comfortable over the development embarked on combing the area until the accused person was found and immediately the victim was rushed to a nearby pharmacy where he was resuscitated.

Mr. Eke in is version told us that the victim had been in the habit of offending him without any just cause until that fateful evening when he could not condone the alleged hostility any longer.

He further disclosed that the attack was not carried out by him alone, but another man is fondly known as “one leg” assisted him to beat Mr. Njoku.

He said, “I was coming back from a meeting when the victim blocked my path and arm locked me. While I was still contemplating the next step to take, he started punching me and in self-defense, I paid him back in his own coin.

Mrs. Augustina Udechukwu, a resident apportioned blame on the victim whom she said had been causing trouble in the area, adding that the man had in the time past upset another group of persons at Umudomi village and they broke one of his legs and instead of him to learn from his mistake, he kept on causing more problems.

Citizens’ Advocate gathered that the victim, shortly after he had regained his consciousness following the medical care given, he was returned to his home.

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