Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts-The Essentiality Of Purgatory

This talk was presented by the current National Chaplain of Mary Queen of All Hearts (MQOAH), Rev. Fr. Philip Balogun. He started by saying that purgatory is an essential issue in the life of anybody in the Christendom, contending that it is the place where peoples’ sins are expiated before proceeding to Heaven.

He further said that God can never-repeat-never allow any iota of sin or guilt in Heaven no matter who the person is. He said he’s sorry for those who say that there is no purgatory and behave anyhow and hope to make Heaven. More so those who don’t go to confession and think that they will make Heaven.

He, however, praised God for His wisdom for instituting that expiating place called “Purgatory” where one goes for cleansing before being worthy to go into Heaven.

He said that the Catholic Church is divided into three (3) parts: The first is the MILITANT; that is we who are in the world still struggling and fighting temptation. The second is the TRIUMPHANT; these are those who made Heaven straight. And the third is the church SUFFERING; these are those suffering in purgatory with the hope of being purified after some time even to the extent of one thousand or 80 years before their purification and the subsequent movement into Heaven.

He, however, reported that Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, most times moves into purgatory to release those her children who recite Rosary or perform some other form of prayers like constant mortifications like stations of the cross, etc.

He encouraged the congregation that they should frequent the confessionals as no one knows when death will meet him/her, contending that the Pope goes to confession almost once every week. These sins, Fr Balogun said could be minor sins like chatting while mass is ongoing or looking and discussing indecently.

He rather said that the only solution is constant confession and of course, alms-giving which also expiates sins.

He said that those in purgatory suffer a lot contending that their only help is through the masses we book for them. He chided those who condemn praying for the dead and asked them to read the book of Maccabeus in the Bible.

He further advised that we should pray for the souls in purgatory so that after ascending into Heaven will not relent in praying for those who prayed for them.

Rev. Fr. Balogun said that most grievous sins we commit are sins of stealing, fighting, slandering people, corruption and bribery. And after all that, some don’t go to confession. And after death one hopes to go to Heaven. He said it is very difficult since God does not look at anything sinful or condone it.

He finally warned that people should try and imitate those who take up penance for their sins for it goes a long way in leading us into Heaven.

He stated that the fear of purgatory is the beginning of wisdom.

The worst thing that could happen to a human being is being sent to Hell. Hell, he said has no remedy once one is there, it is just too unfortunate. We must try all in our power to avoid being sent to Hell for it is the “ULTIMATE”.


This is the day everybody was waiting for the Virgin Mary’s birthday. All woke up with great anticipation because a lot happening on this day. By 5 a.m. on the watch, the halls were boiling with observing the “Office prayers”.

After that people went for bathing and others went into private prayers etc.

Soon, say 7 am, the arena became a beehive of activity for benediction. Rosary prayer and at a point, people were reminded of presenting a bouquet of flowers to the Mother of the world for her Birthday.

Now check-out people decking the beautiful statue of Our Lady in an encased glassy enclave with assorted flowers. And to add color to the boisterous movement of this presentation, a devotee started throwing chats to the sky which people fell head over heels to pick with the shouts of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” renting the air.

Some cannot resist dancing to the accompanying music from the powerful music machine stationed at intervals.

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