Tribunal Judgment: Coalition Of Political Parties Urge Ogbee Not To Appeal

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Tribunal Judgment: Coalition Of Political Parties Urge Ogbee Not To Appeal
By Oginyi Ruth

Coalition of Political Parties in Ebonyi state, on Tuesday said the victory of president Buhari and Comrade Chinedu Ogah are affirmations of the mandate given to them at the polls by the electorate during the general election.

The group also congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari and candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) for Ezza South/Ikwo federal constituency in 2019 National Assembly election in the state, Comrade Chinedu Ogah for their victories at election petition tribunals.

A-3 man committee led by, Justice Sika Henry Aprioku last week ruled that from evidences presented before the tribunal to back up the APC candidate claim, Ogah scored 36,238 votes in the election while Ogbee got 33,263.

In a communiqué issued in Abakaliki signed by Chairman of the Coalition, Comrade Obyia Sabastine and the Secretary, Comrade Splendor Eze, the parties urged Buhari and Ogah’s major opponents at the general elections, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Hon. Lazarus Ogbee not to appeal the judgment of the tribunals.

The parties said appealing the judgments would amount to distraction and that it would affect delivery of democracy dividends to the people.
“We are here to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and comrade Chinedu Ogah for their victories at the tribunals.”

“We also commend the judiciary for their steadfastness and uprightness in uplifting democracy in the country. Their judgments at various tribunals have demonstrated that they can do better as regards to the qualitative judgments they have delivered.”

“We urge their opponents not to go to appeals because their victories are well deserved ones. Challenging the President’s victory is a distraction to the president and comrade Ogah.

If they continue lingering the matter in the upper court, it will distract the President not to concentrate and put things in order to deliver democracy dividends to the people”, the parties said.


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