Mary Queen Of All Hearts: Akwa-Ibom Here We Come

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Mary Queen Of All Hearts:
By Peter Kol

Sunday the 8th of September, 2019, is Virgin Mary’s birthday. Members of Mary Queen of All Hearts all over Nigeria and in fact the world celebrates the day and of course, use the period as a great convention.

Members all over Nigeria left their various Dioceses on the 6th of September to converge at the venue for the great convention and our Lady’s, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Birthday.

The last year 2018, the Diocese of Abakaliki hosted the program, and it took a lot out of everybody, beginning from our dear Bishop Okoro to the least member of Marian Movement in the Diocese who all came out to support members of Mary Queen of All Hearts.

By this time last year, members were crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s. The result was fantastic and magnificent, the arena was St Patrick’s Parish Kpirikpiri; courtesy of our Lord Bishop, Most Rev.

Dr. M. N. Okoro, our two coordinating Priests, Rev. Fr. (Piso) Otu-Ibe and Rev. Fr. Peter Azi, the Chairman and the vice of the great committee instituted by the Bishop himself.

Our Director-General, Bro Sylvester Young who incidentally is resident in Abakaliki—his coordinator of the Diocese in the person of Dr. Ugwu who almost broke down due to running around during this auspicious occasion, Bro.

Hyacinth Uche was coordinating members. I specifically left out that great Marian in the person of Sister Olamma who was the pivot of the whole thing. She put all she had, her time, energy, phone calls, etc. all to see that the whole thing ended in success.

All who attended the convention would testify that it was a great success. Our cake for the birthday was superb and was better than the birthday cake Onitsha used to make in the past birthdays I have attended so far.

I am sure Akwa-Ibom members are now sweating like the proverbial Christmas goat in order to impress the visiting members. Their preparations would include accommodation, providing a spacious field that would accommodate the mammoth crowd that would besiege Akwa-Ibom during the period.

I just pray that Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary will come to bless and help her devotees and grant them journey mercy as they all converge to Akwa-Ibom on the 6th of September 2019.


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