5 Men Facing Trial for Stealing

5 men from Akpe Amachi village in Abakaliki L.G.A. on Thursday 18th October 2019 were arraigned at Magistrate court IV for stealing.

The 5 men, Mr. Patrick Akpu, John Emeka, Nwifuru Augustine, Okemini Ikpozu and Michael Ogbonna were arraigned at Magistrate court IV presided by Magistrate Ruth Edeh Nwali.

In a charge sheet with the, No 733C/2019 made available to Citizens’ Advocate stated that on Saturday 12th October 2019, Mr. Patrick Akpu and the other 4 accused persons secretly planned to commit serious criminal offenses contrary to Federal law of Nigeria.

In count II, the same accused persons and others who are still at large are charged for having the intention to steal by demanding illegally sum of N300,000 from Mr. Simeon Ebonyi, accompanied by a threat to send their victim away from their village and forbid him from returning.

In count III, Mr. Patrick together with his co-accused persons under the jurisdiction of the Honourable court also plotted among themselves to steal by demanding forcefully sum of N300,000 from Mr. Emmanuel Nwamini, threatening to ostracize him from his home, if he fails to comply with their illegitimate demand and thereby behaved in contrary to laws of Ebonyi State of Nigeria.

In a petition dated 14th October 2019 written by the complainants’ counsel, Barrister Sunday Uguru Ununu to the Commissioner of Police, Ebonyi State police command, Abakaliki disclosed that the molestation which was masterminded by Mr. Patrick and his cohorts did not only affect Mr. Simeon Ebonyi and Mr. Emmanuel Nwamini, but it also affected Mr. Toochukwu Igweore, Kelechi Agarama, Charles Igweore, Ede Nwifuru, Ogbonnaya Opoke Ede and thirteen others.

Barr. Ununu said that the accused persons suspected to be members of Baggas secret cult confraternity had been terrorizing the entire residents of Akpe Amachi until recently when they chased away Mr. Simeon and Mr. Emmanuel and seized their shops.

The legal practitioner further claimed that following the accused person’s connection with some government officials, they were bragging publicly to deal decisively with the complainants by sending them packing from Amachi land and in view of this, the victims’ households had turned refugees in their neighboring villages because of fear.

He, therefore, appealed that the alleged illegal activities of the people characterized by intimidations and harassments should be checkmated before it would cause a breach of public peace.


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