Inside the North West (1)

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Northwest Nigeria is one of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria consisting of Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Sokoto, Kebbi, and the Zamfara States. It is a homeland of the Hausa-speaking tribes.

The prevailing violence and disorder in North-East Nigeria as a result of the terrorist activities by the Boko Haram sects has brought about a new set of ideological spectrum of violence but this time around in the North-Western states of Nigeria; particularly in Kaduna and Zamfara states where the activities of bandits have successfully torpedoed the relatively peaceful tribes of the northwestern states.

Frequent acts of violent crimes have grown to form a threat to Nigeria’s national security. Kidnapping has remained the most virulent form of banditry and equally the most sufficient and intractable violent crime in Nigeria. Subsequently, to the bandit, kidnapping has turned out to be the major source of income to lubricate their infamous agenda and equally a ferocious means of reprisals.

Recently, in the country, kidnapping has been targeted at individuals and schools. School children are being abducted in numbers and sizes with the last one being the abduction of six female students and their matron at the Engravers College Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna states with the abductor demanding ransom per head. Banditry in the North West has now joined the new trend of operations and grueling tactics of the terrorist groups in the country.

Similarly, the activities of bandits in Adamawa and Kaduna states show a spectacularly remarkable level of organized crimes, where organized local and transnational syndicates have been involved. What then becomes the fate of the helpless masses in the North West that is highly dominated by women and children?

The security of lives and property has become extremely difficult to maintain by the government in collaboration with the relatively confused security forces due to the organized nature of these bandits. Children are secretly being recruited by the bandits to perpetrate evil and atrocious but organized crimes in the North West.

Equally, child-soldier is increasing on the rise due to the more soothing indoctrination of the Islamic faithful that those who do not believe in Islam are rebels and therefore must be exterminated.

This imbroglio has reached a high state as even the government whom we have contracted to put in place forces and measures that will safeguard our lives and properties are falling short of expectations.

And the bane is on geometric progression, as most of the political gladiators in high places are not really doing their work of fighting such banditry, as they are fanatic propagators of the Islamic fate and dogma. This inclination shackles them from duly fighting against such cause as it is done in the name of their religion and supremacy of their supreme being.

In light of this, what becomes the fate of our brothers and sister who have done nothing rather than being born into a chaotic era of time and section of society. Will they continue to live in fear and absolute misery, or rise to defend themselves?

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