Woman Engages Cultists to Beat-up Son-In-law…Her Pregnant Daughter Also

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A native of Odariko Igbeagu in Izzi LGA, Ebonyi State, Mrs. Elizabeth David has been apprehended alongside four other suspected cultists by the Iboko Division of Nigeria Police for allegedly conspiring with the gang to beat son-in-law and his wife to comatose.

Narrating the incident, Mrs. David told us that the trouble started when her daughter, now pregnant, Mrs. Ogonna Mbam, who was sent to school to study was impregnated while in school by one Mr. Chibuzo Mbam.

According to Mrs. David, she and the family made several efforts to stop their daughter from marrying Chibuzo when he was accused of maltreating her but she insisted that she would rather die than leave her husband.

However, it was gathered that when Mrs. Ogonna’s elder brother, Mr. Nnabuike David who is sponsoring her in school came back from his place of business, he allegedly mobilized some suspected cult members numbering six and invaded the neighbourhood where Mrs. Ogonna lives with her husband and forced the couple to their compound where they (alleged cultists) tied both of them and beat them black and blue which attracted the attention of the villagers who now went for their rescue.

Corroborating the story, Odariko Igbeagu Village Head, Chief Michael Nwurum hinted that the villagers got the report when their neighboring community came with the shocking news that their son with his wife was held hostage after severe beating and they quickly swung into action.

Chief Nwurum further said that he engaged the village vigilantes who arrested those accused to have beaten the couple and brought them to the village playground but after their interrogation, Mrs. David known for her stubbornness asked them to go which prompted him to report the case to Community stakeholders who invited police for their arrest.

On his part, Ndiugo Inyimagu Village Head said that their son Mr. Chibuzo Mbam was reported to have been seized by some suspected cultist led by one Mr. Nnabuike David who is their brother-in-law after he threatened him to leave his sister (the wife) but he insisted that he loves the girl.

He said that Mr. Mbam had visited the family with drinks as the custom demanded but instead of receiving them warmly the brother-in-law held him hostage and tied him from morning till evening.

When the village embarked on his search and found him badly beaten and his wife unable to walk on her own without support, they reported it to the village head who arrested the suspects with vigilantes and handed them over to the police.

The Traditional Ruler Igbeagu Autonomous Community, His Royal Highness Eze Ogbonnaya Ukwa condemned the action of Mrs. David whom he said has no respect for her people as such matter should have been settled by her husband’s family and not her son’s gang.

He noted that he would make sure that those behind the dastardly act are all arrested to serve as a deterrent to others.

He ordered that the pregnant Ogonna be rushed to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

Among those accused are: Mr. Chinedu Anigor, Jacob Nwinyimagu, Nnabuike Ominyi, Ogobuchi Mbam, Nnabuike David, and Chinedu Mbam.


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