Abducted Kids: 2 Reunite with Parents… 2 Others Yet to Return

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It was a moment of joy and jubilation for the family of Mr. and Mrs.  Emmanuel Akpanke as two of their children who were abducted a few months ago reunited with them in Owerri on October 1, 2019.

Speaking with the parents in Abakaliki, they expressed joy over the return of two of their missing children since their abduction in the month of May by suspected child traffickers in Ebonyi State.

Our reporter learned that the children were seen in the month of June at Owerri, Imo State capital having been in police custody under the care of the motherless baby home since then.

Speaking with Mrs. Mary Akpanke who was filled with gratitude to God and at the same time heartbroken over the inability of the police to find all her abducted children, stated that her joy knew no bound as God has given them the grace to see two out of her four children who were abducted from her at a park in Abakaliki while traveling home.

According to her, “I thank God for bringing them back to us because in some cases you will not see the children again. I pray that God who has made it possible for us to see these twins, and reunite with us again, the same God will bring back the other two of our triplet abducted by the same trafficker at the same time.”

“In the course of the police investigation, they said that one of the triplets who was kidnapped has been killed and his remains thrown in the bush, but I don’t believe he is dead. I believe he is alive somewhere, and God will bring him back to us, alongside his sister, Promise.”

We learned that Promise was sold for N1.2 million by the alleged trafficker, and her buyer has not been arrested since then, we pray that God will bring them back to us.”

Speaking also, one of the children, Peace Akpanke 6 years old, revealed that on the day of the kidnapped incident, they didn’t know what happened, as they never for once cried to see their parents.

Mr. Akpanke corroborated the story, adding that the alleged child trafficker on her arrest confessed to have hypnotized the children for them not to miss their parents.

Mr. Akpanke advised parents to be careful with their children, as many people who disguise as beggars and helpers have turned to child trafficking to earn their living.

Recall that Citizens’ Advocate in May reported the story of one Mary Emmanuel Akpanke whose four children were abducted by suspected child traffickers at Tycoon Hotels, Abakaliki.

Mary lost four of her children identified as Marvelous, Mercy, Promise and Peace to traffickers in Ebonyi State on May 7, 2019, on their way to Cross River State.

Recall also that the children were kidnapped by a stranger who hypnotized their mother at Ochoudo Park, pretending to render assistance to her and in the course stole four of her children.


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