Let’s Talk-Speed Kills (1)

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I don’t know how to apologize and I don’t even know what to apologize for, nevertheless, I have to say something in form of apology to show that I wasn’t happy about the whole event. While I was deliberating in my mind on what to say, the doctor called my dad.

The Doctor said, “He’ll be alright, he’ll be fine. He’s responding to treatment now, hopefully by tomorrow morning, he will recover fully, he was just in a shock.”

Hearing what the doctor said soothes my heart, it was like a healing balm was rubbed on my aching joint.

As we were about to leave, my dad called the guy that drove the car and gave him a stern warning not to stay too long in the hospital before he would come back home, as he turned and was about to leave the hospital, he told him again to stay for few minutes and go home.

“Thank you sir, you can enter the car, I’ll drop you off on my way home” my dad appreciated the man’s kind-hearted that assisted us in bringing the other driver that crashed into us to the hospital.

We all entered the car and he drove us and dropped us on the way, when he reached Aiyede junction, the man alighted and just 5 electric poles after, I alighted also, but before I did, I told him that I was going there to charge my phone since we didn’t have light for some days, then I shut the door and he drove away.

After he left, I stayed and looked back, “Was this not the same junction I was meant to drop few hours ago to go and charge my phone?”

But that turned out bad as the experience that followed few seconds before I dropped was what broke my heart and left me guilty for days, even till now, whenever I pass that junction, I thank God for not making the crash took the man’s life and thank God there was no other passenger with him in his tricycle.

I live in the same town with my dad, he has a ministry to lead in a church, immediately after Sunday service, I met with him to assist me to fill a form, but my mum was hastening him so that they could attend a naming ceremony before going home, because of that he was rushing to fill the form and I told him that I’ll come and meet him in the evening when done with things I needed to do in the house, immediately, they went for the naming ceremony.

I went to meet him in the evening and he was well composed to attend to me, he assisted me to fill the form and I stood up to take my leave, as I was about to step out, a lady that came to work in our house was also done and was about to leave, but she was going a far distance.

My dad said the guy that used to assist drop us off, he will drop me on the way and drop the woman where she can easily get a means of getting to her house.

He took us and I told him to follow the road to the church because I was going to alight on the way, but he took the expressway. There was a junction I was meant to drop from where I can get to my house. I told him to take me a little further, instead of him following the express lane straight, he turned to the left to drop me where I was going.

“I’ll alight at Awolowo junction,” he slowed down

I thought he was going to drop me, go straight, turn to the right so as to come out of the express road, but he didn’t. He slowed down, trafficked and then turned, he was almost done negotiating the bend when we heard a crash on the car, a tricycle that was coming at a high speed hit our car towards the rear.

I was dumbfounded and I didn’t know what to do, in a twinkle of an eye, the crowd has gathered. Immediately I came back to my consciousness, I opened the door and stepped out to the accident scene, the tricycle’s windscreen has shattered and removed from its place, the tricycle itself was lying down sideways and people were just looking.

I went with others and pulled the tricycle up, the man was laid down there full of life, but, he was in shock, trying to comprehend what just happened. While the crowd was still shouting, some were trying to analyze what happened, some were putting blame on our car, some were blaming the tricycle for overspeeding while few people said he should be taken to the hospital.

I took him from the accident spot and made him sit down at a safe spot beside the road and I asked him if he felt any pain on his body, I checked his legs and arms, he wasn’t having pain anywhere except his right elbow and he said he was also feeling pain in his chest.

While the noise was so much, he laid down and started feeling weak, then we took him with the car to the nearest hospital where he was attended to immediately, in less than 30 minutes, he had received 2 pints of saline solution.

…To be continued

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