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WISDOM TODAY with John Alabi

I Believe in Luck. Do You?

All for Luck! Luck? Yes, luck! Few words generate arguments and contention like it. The religious mind contends and preaches against it. The free mind is neutral about it. The indolent contends for it. Some pray for it. Some pray against it. Some clamor for it.

Some shout it down. Some wait and waste for it. Some work for it and work into it. And, some accidentally, by chance or providence walk into it. Truth be told; aren’t you appreciating the way things fall in place for some?

Aren’t you amazed at the way things happen for certain people? Aren’t you amazed at the speed, the frequency and the accelerated promotion of some? Aren’t you unnecessarily agitated for the remarkable rising to stardom of some? Aren’t you jealous of others occasionally? Aren’t you envious and desire the way it is for some? Haven’t you nurtured, and questioned the impartiality and fairness of God and nature?

Has it ever occurred to you some people seem to ‘monopolize and customized’ God so to say? I mean – that God seems to be at the prompt service; give attention to the prayers, need and aspiration of some than others? Aren’t you hungry, angry, longing, yearning and praying for that little luck or favour to smile upon you?

Wisdom Today Speaking, yes, we all did, and do at some point in time in our life. Although, those guys may not even be able to explain the way it happened. A very critical, but balanced view will help.


The word luck may not be in the holy book or in the constitution of any nation. In fact, depending on your religious affiliation, philosophy and school of thought – you may/may not believe anything called luck.

Nevertheless, I believe the in magical workings of luck, because it does wonders. I believe in luck! Assuredly, there might be many ways to kill a rat, but, only one way is needful per time. There might be many formulae to solving a problem; but you only need one per time.

Ultimately, there might be many ways to the market, but you must know yours per time, because, you can’t access all the routes at ones. The need to identify your way per time is Key to making things happen in life. This is simply Labouring Under Correct Knowledge – LUCK! I believe in luck – do you? Call it the God-factor, divine arrangement, human factor, destiny helper and long-leg.

Whatever the nomenclature or baptismal name was given to it, luck substantiates our wisdom. Because sometimes, and most times, ‘a handful of luck is worth more than a truckload of wisdom’.

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