Editorial–Nigeria: Is the End Near?

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Editorial–Nigeria: Is the End Near?

Daike Chukwumerije, in the lines of his famous poem ‘the wall and the bridge’, wrote “ if a Whiteman turned and called me Niger, my blood will boil in righteous anger, for the evil of discrimination is clearly established, when a Whiteman tries to treat me like rubbish’

It is ironical going by the recent virulent xenophobic attacks and reprisal attacks going on at the moment, that the actual culprit or villain is not the Whiteman and the Blackman the victim, rather, at the moment; the Blackman is both the culprit and the villain.

The news that has spread like wildfire in the harmattan, hungrily savoring dry grasses, is xenophobia. Social media and various news outlets are deluged by the gory savage sights occasioned by this virulent outburst presently going on in South Africa, which at the moment has claimed many lives, businesses and properties in the most horrendous manner.

One would not be wrong to ask, given this recent monstrous development labeled xenophobia, what xenophobia actually is. Webster’s dictionary defines it as fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.

Nigeria: Is the End Near?

It is this fear that South Africa is at the moment agog with, which has led to their savagery acts towards Africans and Nigerians in particular, whom they claim at the moment are trying to usurp their land which they ‘fought for´ by making up about eighty percent of their population.

Thus in order to forestall this supposed usurpation, they went killing their African brothers particularly Nigerians, burning their shops and looting away valuables that cost fortunes.

Nigerians in reaction to this, have engaged in reprisal attacks, burning and looting South African owned businesses, Shoprite’s, MTN office, etc. while some Nigerians in supposed solidarity are busy breaking their DSTV decoders and MTN sim cards. Celebrity singers like Tiwa Savage, canceled her scheduled contract in South Africa, Burna Boy vowed not to set foot in South Africa, Zambia canceled their international friendlies with Bafana Bafana FC and other punitive measures.

The xenophobia acts of South Africans can be said to be one built up out of inferiority complex created by decades of apartheid and oppression. This is because out of the 2.3 million immigrants in S.A, 1.6million are Africans who run mostly small shops, vending, service industries, etc.

They may lay claim to less than 0.00001% of the wealth in S.A. Whites in S.A control about 85% wealth and makeup about 8.7% of the population.

And there are about six thousand European families that own over 85% of Agricultural products. So other Africans are not competitors with them on the scarce resources but rather compatriots struggling to feed their families and have some comfort in this short lifetime.

What is rather amusing is the hearing that the Boko Haram sect in the country, Nigeria, went on protest over the xenophobia palava. Even the Herdsmen that have been terrorizing people are still on their protest. What these protests indicate is that “we are only allowed to kill ourselves, only Nigerians can kill Nigerians, no other people should do that for us.”

Like before, Nigerians are killed, the president of the country is mute. What his muteness also indicates is “they can rot in hell for all I care.”

Now, it is no longer President Trump calling Africans in general and Nigerians in particular, “Shiite Holes”, it is no longer the Westerners calling us “ Black Monkies”, it is no longer the Westerners calling us people without brains, apes or are they the ones killing us. We are now our own enemies. We are now our own killers. Our own sword has risen against us, and, this is an indication that the end is near.

To save ourselves from this shameful end, the life of Nigerians should be valued in Nigeria so that others can see reasons to value same; the government is not expected to be dormant at this point even as the general public is urged to stand on their feet.


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